10 Things To Do On The Water In Miami

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If you’re planning to do water activities in Miami, be sure to include these in your list.

Here are some of the things you can do on the water in Miami:

1. Enjoy a sunset cruise

There’s nothing as beautiful as ending your day with the perfect view of the sunset in a beautiful dress, flowery shirts, and some cold refreshments. 

“Sunsets come with a promise that there will be a new day at the end of each one.”

If you plan to take a couple’s vacation, then Miami’s romantic vacation will be incomplete without enjoying a memorable sunset cruise.

Watching the sunset from the water across the Biscayne Bay, enjoying the incredible views of the city skyline is absolutely amazing.

How much does the Sunset cruise cost?

It will cost you about $29.99 per person, depending on the amount of time you plan on spending on the cruise.

2. Go Jet Skiing in Miami

Jet skiing in Miami clears waters lets you discover and enjoy Miami’s breathtaking waterfront as you do this fun water activity.

How much will it cost you to jet ski in Miami?

Usually, it will cost you around $275 for a 2- 5 hour jet ski tour per person.

3. Wakeboarding

Miami Beach is great for wakeboarding but finding the best wakeboarding spots in Miami is hard. No worries, the following are my three favorite places where you can have fun and enjoy wakeboarding near Miami beach.

The good thing is, they are all beginner-friendly – they train beginners interested in watersports activities.

  • Miami Watersports Paradise.
  • Miami Watersports Complex.
  • Peconic Watersports Academy.

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4. Windsurfing

Miami Beach is an exceptional location for windsurfing. Miami Beach bay is also an excellent place for beginners who do not have much experience in windsurfing.

So, here are the three best places for windsurfing in Miami Beach:

  • 87 Street

The area has gentle winds that will allow you to enjoy your whole windsurfing experience.

Additionally, the waters are deep and choppy, which is great for windsurfing.

The only downside is that when you go windsurfing during the peak hours or days, it will be hard to enjoy because of the large crowds.

  • Key Biscayne

If you prefer calmer waters, then this is the best place to windsurf on South Miami Beach.

This part is not usually overcrowded. Therefore, it will best suit the armature windsurfers.

  • Crandon Park

Let me put a disclaimer here: If following rules is hard for you, this would not be your ideal place for windsurfing.

Crandon Park water park has strict rules that need to be followed while surfing. So, if only you adhere to these rules, then you will have a great time windsurfing.

5. Visit the Miami Beach Acquapark Village

If you’re traveling with kids or looking for family water activities in Miami, then Miami Beach Acquapark Village is the best place.

I discovered that the experience was even more incredible when you avoided the peak seasons. The last time we were there with my family, we had the whole place to ourselves with only eight more people.

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6. Go on a deep fishing trip in Miami

Experience a great and memorable deep fishing trip In Miami.

If you plan on doing this activity, it is more enjoyable if you’re in the company of some friends or family. But more importantly, be sure to book a package that allows you to see the underwater activities in the ocean through the underwater cameras.

So, how much will a deep fishing tour cost you?

It will cost you from $700 per group of up to six or $499.99 per group of 2 for a full or half-day trip.

7. Parasailing

Do you consider yourself a thrill-seeker? If yes, then this is for you! 

Parasailing in Miami gives you the perfect combination of sightseeing and water adventure sports.

I would say that parasailing is best enjoyed when done when in the company of a friend or as a couple. This way, you get to share memorable experiences together.

So, how much will it cost you to Parasail in Miami?

With about $80, you can get to have the best experience of your life.

8. Go on an airboat ride and wildlife show

If you’re a nature fan, I would suggest that you give it a try while in Miami.

You get to take pictures as you enjoy a relaxed round airboat ride trip by an air-conditioned bus on the clear waters.

You will also get to spot amazing wildlife in their habitats.

How much will an Airboat ride and wildlife show in Miami cost you?

From $40 to $70 per person for a 0.45-9 hours airboat ride. 

9. Enjoy a speed boat tour in Miami

Before going to Miami, a speed boat tour was top on the list of the things to do in Miami. It sure turned out to be an experience like no other.

With the Miami speed boat tour, you get to enjoy a thrilling ride that you will want to ride over and over again.

The speed boat ride tour allows you to see spectacular coastlines and the city’s best sights.

How much will a speed boat tour in Miami cost you?

From about $30 to $40 per person for about a 45-minute sightseeing speedboat tour.

10. Enjoy a 15 minutes Tubing experience in Miami

This is yet another great activity you can do while on vacation in Miami with friends or family.

Up to four passengers per tube can occupy the tube.

This water activity is safe for children over 3 years.

How much will a tubing experience in Miami cost you?

About $29 per person for a 15-minute tubing experience.

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