Best 3rd Generation 4Runner Interior & Exterior Mods/Parts & Accessories

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Last Updated on January 29, 2024 by Rose Morah

The classic legendary 3rd generation 4Runner is an amazing vehicle. However, giving it interior and exterior mods makes it a little more capable, improves its safety, and gives it a more modern look.

The good thing about most 4Runner mods is that they are inexpensive and have proven to be very reliable to 3rd gen 4Runner owners.

We are going to divide the 3rd gen 4runner mods and accessories into two categories:

  • Best 3rd gen 4runner interior mods.
  • Best 3rd gen 4runner exterior mods.


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Best 3rd gen 4runner interior mods

1. Speakers and head unit mods

The Kenwood eXcelon head unit and speakers on the 3rd generation 4Runner tend to be better than the factory speakers because they have a better and clearer sound which also makes them a better factory upgrade.

You can check out the current price of the Kenwood speakers on Amazon.

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2. Install an sPOD

If you don’t yet have an sPOD then I would recommend it for your 3rd gen 4Runner interior.

This is because the sPOD provides you with so much control and an endless amount of connectivity.

3. Ravelco anti-theft device

The Ravelco anti-theft device makes it impossible, even for the most persistent thief, to steal the car.

This is because once you remove the plug that comes with it, it becomes impossible for anyone to start the car. 

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4. Cup holder

This cup holder is so much better than what comes with the car.

It clips in perfectly and has a better look and quality that will transform your 3rd gen 4Runner’s interior.

You can get it on Amazon.

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5. Magnetic Phone Car Mount

A good phone mount should hold the phone firmly and steadily for easier navigation and communication without distractions while driving.

I recommend this specific one because it is easily adjustable and the phone stays put. 

You can check it out on Amazon.

6. LED Dash Lights

Installing full LED lighting gives the interior a more modern feel, given how outdated the 3rd generation 4Runner may feel.

Once installed you will notice a huge difference before and after installation.

7. Steering Wheel Cover

The steering wheel cover is yet another great but inexpensive accessory that makes the steering wheel of the 3rd gen 4Runner look new.

Additionally, it protects the wheel from peeling and cracking and shields it from dust and oily fingers.

Check out the steering wheel cover on Amazon.

8. All-weather mat and floor liners

If you do not have great sets of all-weather mats and floor liners, then I highly recommend investing in them.

This is because they will not only keep dirt, mad and food/drink spills from going on the floor but they will also give the vehicle’s interior a much better look.

9. Waterproof Back Seat Cover

This seat cover protector is particularly great for pet owners for protecting the seats from scratches, hair, and dust.

The pet seat protector generally helps make life much easier when you’re traveling with your dog.

I love it because it is waterproof, thus preventing water or urine from penetrating into the car seats. It also keeps the dog’s hair from going onto the car seats.

Check out the price of this back seat cover on Amazon.

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3rd generation 4runner exterior mods

1. Upper Control Arms

Installing the upper control arms on your 3rd gen 4Runner makes the ride much better, especially if you have lifted it.

That is because it helps improve the vehicle’s overall performance even when driving through different terrains.

In most cases, after installation, the vehicle will feel more stable when you’re driving at decent speeds. It will also give you a smoother ride.

Check out the price of these upper control arms on Amazon.

2. Energy Steering Rack Bushings

If you are having problems with your steering wheel, these energy steering rack bushings help improve how the steering wheel feels while driving.

Sure, they are not easy to install for most people. However, after installation, the difference that you are going to feel on the steering wheel (no play) will be like day and night.

Check out the price on Amazon.

3. Deck plate

If you would like to get cooler air or more air into the 4Runner’s air box for better performance, then install a deck plate. (Amazon link)

The good thing about the deck plate is that you can take the lead on and off. This will be quite helpful, especially when you are going offroading and don’t want mud in your airbox.

To install the deck plate you will need a hole saw set kit

Note: If you decide to get the hole saw set kit make sure it’s about 4 1/2″ for the deck plate to fit perfectly.

4. TRD Decal Sticker

The TRD decal sticker will look super on your 4Runner.

The good thing is that it is easy to get the old sticker off and install a new one.

Other exterior 3rd generation 4runner parts

  • Headlight harness.
  • D2S projectors.
  • Headlight Sealant.

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