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28 Best and Must-have Road Trip Car Accessories

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Last Updated on November 1, 2022 by Rose Morah

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If you’re looking for the best car accessories for your next road trip, this article provides not only the best but also must-have road trip car accessories and gadgets.

This article will cover the:

  • Best road trip car safety accessories.
  • Best car entertainment accessories for your road trip.
  • Best pet car accessories for a road trip.
  • Best baby car accessories.
  • Best car phone accessories for road trips.

Best road trip car safety accessories

The following car accessories will help you drive safely on the road:

 1. Universal Car Diagnostic Scanner

A Universal Car Diagnostic Scanner is a must-have accessory if you are going on a road trip with an old car, on an unplanned long road trip, or if it’s been long since you last serviced your car. 

This is a small portable car accessory that will potentially save on repair costs.

Universal Car Diagnostic Scanner functions

  • A Universal Car Diagnostic Scanner read and diagnoses the car’s check engine light. 
  • If the car has an issue, it can determine its severity and clear fault codes. Additionally, it will inform you of any possible problems.
  • The device is also able to check the voltage and the health of your car’s battery through your phone. 

I find this tool very convenient when doing a winter road trip. You don’t have to open the bonnet when it is freezing cold.

This Universal Car Diagnostic Scanner works in 9 languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian, Finnish, Dutch, Chinese, Italian, and Portuguese.

Check out its current price on Amazon.

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2. BMW Diagnostic Scanner Tool

For all BMW owners after 1996 to the current version, the BMW diagnostic scanner tool is a great accessory that will save you money in diagnosis and repair. 

It has free lifetime software upgrades, a 2.8″ TFT 262K true color LCD display screen, and an enhanced OBDII scanner that can read and erase trouble codes from major systems. 

I also found it quite easy to use, has lots of functions, and is able to indicate specific problems in your car.

Check out its latest price on Amazon.

3. Super Night Vision Camera 

Most people have difficulties driving at night and for long hours on road trips. This makes Car Night Vision Camera a perfect car safety accessory for a road trip.

This super night vision camera comes in handy for that purpose. It has an 8.2-inch high-resolution screen and presents a 1080P HD full-color image which helps capture a clear view even in darkness.

It is great if you’re driving in rainy, snowy, or foggy conditions.

It can also be used when hunting, camping, fishing, and boating.


1. It needs a true wide-angle lens system. 

2. The display needs automatic brightness control. 


  1. The camera is great if you are having trouble seeing what is in the beam of your headlights. 
  2. Helps drivers avoid accidents, especially when driving at night due to its night vision distance which extends up to 300m.

Check the latest price on Amazon.

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4. Car Rearview Mirrors

According to statistics, blind spots are one of the major causes of road accidents by most drivers. The number of accidents caused by blind spots goes over 413,000 each year.  

The car rearview mirror helps provide a wider-angle vision than the original mirror. It does this by minimizing blind spots and allowing you to see the panoramic view of the car while driving.

Check the latest price on Amazon.

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5. Bluetooth Car Kit for handsfree Music Streaming and receiving incoming calls

Being constantly distracted by your phone while driving can be a safety risk.

With a Bluetooth 4.1 +EDR technology Car Kit, you don’t need to touch your phone while driving.

This Bluetooth 4.1 Car Kit meets all the qualities of a good Bluetooth car kit.

The device allows you to make calls and send voice texts without touching your phone.

The good thing is that has a low power consumption. You also enjoy great audio transmission and hence clear music and phone calls.

It automatically connects with the last connected device, and turns on automatically when you start the car!

It also has a ground loop noise isolator.

Check out its latest price on Amazon.

Best car organizers

When going on a long road trip you do know how messy it gets in the car, especially on a family road trip.

Well, sometimes it is not our fault if we are unable to dispose off the waste or keep things neat and well organized on these long trips.

But to save you from all that mess, here are some of the best car accessories that will help keep your car organized. 

6. Car Headrest Hook

The car headrest hooks allow you to hang your handbag, water bottle, books, umbrella, or even clothes. 

The hooks fit almost all grocery bags. 

A good headrest hook:

  • Should be easy to install and remove. Due to its simple design, there is no need to take off the headrest to install it. No tools are required to remove it.
  • Should hold weight!
  • Should be easy to twist to your preferred position. For instance, if there is someone seated in the passenger’s seat, you can twist it around to face the back seats.

Check out the latest price of a good headrest hook on Amazon.

7. Backseat Seat Organizer

When driving, most times I have kids riding in the back seat. Sometimes, no matter how much you try, you will always find litter flying all over the car. This can be very infuriating and embarrassing.

However, I discovered a car backseat organizer that totally transformed the whole experience.

It allows you to arrange everything that the kids need in the backseat.

So, whenever they need something, they just reach for it, and once they are done they safely return it to where they originally found it.

Why is this seat organizer different?

With other products that I had used before, kids had to dig deeper to find what they wanted, so they would end up throwing everything all over the place.

The good thing about this seat organizer is that, it is large in size – about L: 24.1inch* W:16.54inch. It is also universal, meaning that it can easily fit all types of cars, SUVs, and vans.

From its 6 storage pockets, you can fit almost everything you need on a road trip; from kids’ dolls, tablets, toys, snacks, drinks, Diapers, to pens.

The pockets that hold PSP, Tablet, iPad, etc. come with a transparent PVC for touch screen capabilities.  

Check its current price on Amazon.

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Backseat Car Organizer

This is a great alternative to the one that we have discussed above.

It comes with 8 large pockets, clear tablet holders, and an adjustable strap.

Advantages: It has more storage pockets than the previous one, which has 6. This provides extra storage for snacks, wipes, diapers, hand sanitizer, fire tablets, and much more.

Additionally, it keeps the kids’ items, such as tablets or toys, right within their reach, can be used in any car, and is easier to install because of its quick-release buckles.

Check the latest price on Amazon.

8. Trunk Organizer

A good trunk organizer could potentially save you valuable space, stress, and energy.

A trunk organizer helps hold your gadgets more securely and prevents your items from rolling over the trunk. It also separates your items and keeps them organized. 

There are many car trunk organizers in the market today.

The type of truck organizer depends on an individual and their needs. For instance, do they like to spend most of their day in the car? or what they like to put in the trunk?

The good thing about this car trunk organizer is that it is strong and durable! You can go on countless trips and it will still look new.

It is waterproof and has multiple compartments for better storage and organization.

Additionally, the net line on its mesh is strong enough to hold heavy items and is easily installed & uninstalled, and can be cleaned within seconds if it gets dirty while camping outside. 

Check the latest price on Amazon.

Trunk Organizer and Storage

This trunk organizer is a great car accessory if you are looking to stay organized in the trunk area. 

Two things I noted about this product when compared to others. First, it’s the ability to easily fold after you are done using it. It hence does not take up the space in the trunk.

Secondly, it stays upright. You hence can easily move it around the car – you can place it in the backseat or leave it in the trunk.

It is made of great quality heavy-duty fabric and comes with many useful pockets.

Any disadvantage? – The hooks are not good enough.

Check the latest price on Amazon.

9. Trash Can

A Trash can is a must-have car accessory for anyone looking to stay neat and organized in the car during a road trip. 

This Trash Can with Lid and Storage Pockets is so far the best car trash can that I have used in years on different road trips.

What I love most about this trash can is the ability to manage the waste in the car effortlessly while driving, and the number of pockets, including side pockets for extra storage.

I also found it quite multifunctional – it can act as a snack bag, but after you are done with your snacks you can then convert it into a trash can.

You can hang this trash can in the back of the front seat for easier access on the road.

It actually looks stylish in your car.

It is also leakproof, easy to clean, and very easy to install. 

Check its latest price on Amazon.

10. Car Seat Gap Organizer

How many times have you found yourself digging between your car seats and the center console for your personal items? 

Countless times, right?

One time it’s your credit cards, other times you’ve dropped your keys, smartphone, parking cards, wallet, cash e.t.c

This is where the gap organizer comes in.

A gap organizer creates extra storage for your small items while making it easier to reach them.

I found this Gap organizer perfect for that purpose.

It measures 10.25” at the base, 4.5″ in height, 14.125″ at the opening, is made of leather, fits any car, and has four adjustable organization dividers.

What I like about the Lusso gap organizer is that it creates more room in the car for your sunglasses, creams, documents, pen, maps, etc, and prevents things from falling off between the seats.

Any drawback?

It can be too loose for some vehicles and sometimes may end up falling down.

Check the latest price on Amazon.

Camping Gear Accessories

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11. Truck Tent

If you are planning a camping road trip with your truck, a truck tent will be essential.

I have always carried a truck tent as backup whenever I am going on long cross-country road trips. 

This is in case it gets too late in the night and I’m feeling tired and sleepy but it is impossible to get to the closest hotel.

If that case, I always have the Napier Backroadz Truck Tent with me!

Their truck tents come with 2 large mesh windows, for optimal ventilation, full rainfly and storm flaps covering the doors and windows for ultimate weather protection, and a full tent floor that keeps you clean from the dirt and other elements on your truck.

I also like the fact that it has a lantern holder, gear loft, and gear pockets to help keep your things organized.

The good thing is that it is easy to install. It only takes about 30 minutes.

It is roomy and very comfortable to sleep in and has lots of standing room.

Don’t worry, it will not scratch your vehicle. It has a protective covering on the metal parts of the tent.

It provides lots of airflows.

And Yes, it can withstand strong winds and torrential rain.

Any drawback?

At times it can get a bit warm inside even with the airflow. 

Check its latest price on Amazon.

12. Portable Refrigerator

Do you plan to go on a camping trip or a road trip with lots of outdoor activities?

If yes, then a portable refrigerator is a must-have accessory! 

But choosing a portable refrigerator can be time-consuming and sometimes may end up costing you a lot more due to the presence of fake products in the market.

When it comes to portable refrigerators, I recommend this Portable Refrigerator.


Because I haven’t had any bad experience with it!

I have had refrigerated and frozen foods in it when driving in hot temperatures and it has always done a good job of preserving it.

Additionally, this refrigerator has a great cooling performance, similar to your normal home fridge.

Here are some of its main features:

  • It has two modes: ECO mode for energy saving and MAX mode for faster cooling.
  • It has a drain, which is convenient when cleaning after use.
  • It comes with USB ports for mobile devices.
  • 40° anti-shake. This means that you don’t have to worry when driving on bumpy roads because it can still operate normally up to 40° tilt.
  • It has 3-level battery protection.
  • It comes with removable handles, a basket, and drain plugs.

What I love about this portable refrigerator

  1. It Cools and freezes things very quickly.
  2. It remembers the power settings. This means that when you turn on the car it will turn on automatically. No need to turn it on manually.
  3. You can set it to automatically turn off to avoid depleting the battery.
  4. It works well regardless of the AC.
  5. It has removable handles.
  6. It is well built.

What I hate about this portable refrigerator

  1. The handles can take up a lot of space- like 10 inches of extra side clearance. You, however, have the option to remove them.

Check the latest price on Amazon.

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Car entertainment accessories for your road trip

13. Interior Lights

Want to bring some fun or liven up your road trip? 

Then perhaps you should check out these interior lights.

The lights make your car stand out.

They have a built-in mic that helps sync the car lights with the music type. They also give you more creative freedom by letting you manage the LED interior lights, music mode, and brightness.

What I love about these interiors lights

  1. They have the most convenient controls.
  2. They can be controlled from your phone through the app.
  3. They turn every road trip into a vibrant experience.
  4. They are easy to install.
  5. Wires can be easily hidden.

Check the latest price on Amazon.

14. FLIK ME Baby 

Road rage is one of the major causes of accidents on the road.

The wild gesturing, excessive screaming, and at some point, physical fights can easily ruin a fun road trip.

So, to prevent other drivers from ruining my day through road rage, I use FLIK ME Baby.

FLIK ME Baby is a simple device that enhances better car-to-car communication through emojis, simple words like thank you e.t.c

FLIK ME Baby is interesting and fun, especially when driving on the freeway.

For instance, I use it whenever I see someone tailgating.

It’s funny how we usually all end up bursting into laughter.

Additionally, I thank people for letting me in and we all go our ways with smiles.

I do like the fact that it has automatic brightness adjustment which makes it suitable during the day and night.

It is also compliant with traffic laws and comes with remote control.

Why I love FLIK ME Baby

  1. FLIK ME Baby is not only fun to use but also helps minimize road rage.
  2. It is bright enough to be seen during the day.
  3. It gives drivers a warm feeling.
  4. The remote feels amazing on the hand.
  5. The device easily sticks to the glass and does not fall even when driving over many potholes.
  6. Gives angry drivers a perfect outlet without having to be physical or verbally abusive.

Check the latest price on Amazon.

15. Headrest Tablet Mount

The tablet holder helps entertain your backseat passengers with movies, gameplays, and e-books reading while you drive.

A tablet mount is perfect when you’re going on a family road trip.

You can choose where you want to mount it in the back seat.

You can mount it on a single car seat or between the driver and passenger seat, especially when you have more than one passenger in the back seat.

A good tablet holder should be stable and be able to hold the tablet securely and tightly.

Check the latest price of a headrest tablet holder on Amazon.

16. Portable Headrest DVD Player

This Dual DVD Player turns those awkward silent moments in the backseat on a road trip into entertainment-filled.

Here are its main features:

  • It is a 10 inches ( 12.2 * 9.2in ) Dual Player with HD 1024*800.
  • It has a high-capacity rechargeable lithium battery. One player will go up to about 5 hours, but when connected together it may go up to about 3 hours.
  • It comes with 2 brackets & straps.
  • Broad Compatibility with Multimedia.
  • It has an in-built Last Memory.

Why I love this Fangor Dual DVD Player

  1. It has quality pictures and audio.
  2. You can easily mount it on the headrests.
  3. It lets you continue watching from where you left off.

Check the latest price on Amazon.

17. Bluetooth 5.0 AUX Adapter

This is yet another great car accessory for the perfect hands-free calling, music, and navigation to ensure that you have a safe and fun road trip. 

Here are some of its best features:

  • Wireless streaming music. You can pair it with your phone and listen to music.
  • It has intelligent noise reduction tech. This means it can effectively block out intrusive background noise and eliminate echo, thus providing a clear calling sound.
  • It has up to 16 hours of battery life. 
  • It takes 2.5 hours using a Type-C charging cable to fully charge.
  • Hands-free calling and navigation.
  • Can be paired with up to 2 devices.
  • Automatically connects paired devices.

What I love about this Bluetooth receiver

1. It allows you to use the device while charging.

2. The battery is long-lasting.

3. It is easy to set up and use.

Check out its latest price on Amazon.

Best car accessories for your phone on a road trip

18. Wireless Car Charger

Why should you mess around with charging cables or constantly be reminding yourself where you left them when you can simply charge your phone through a wireless car charger? 

I normally picture charging my phone through a wireless car charger just like taking my phone to the charging station. That’s just me!

A wireless car charger is pretty cool.

You only need to place the phone in front of the charger and it will automatically open.

After placing the phone you can wait a few seconds for it to hold the phone securely. 

Once you’re done charging, just touch the backside of the charger. It should automatically open up.

Here are some of its main features: 

  • It can charge with phone cases of up to 6mm thickness.
  • The phone holder can rotate 360°.
  • It is equipped with anti-overheating, anti-short circuits, anti-overvoltage, and anti-overcurrent for safety and flawless charging.
  • It is compatible with iPhone 13/12/12Pro/SE/11/11Pro/XSMax/XS/XR/X/8, Samsung S8/S9/S10/Note10/Note9/
  • 7.5W fast charging.
  • It has an automatic clamp feature.

Why I love this Wireless Car Charger

  1. You can use your phone while charging because it can rotate 360°.
  2. It has good charging power.
  3. It is very easy to use.

Check the latest price on Amazon.

19. Wireless Car Charger

This wireless car charger is a great alternative to the one we have discussed above.

Its main features include:

  • It is compatible with iPhone 11/13/12/Mini/ Pro Max, Samsung S21, Note 20(Grey)
  • 15W Fast Wireless Charging.
  • It has an automatic opening and clamping design.

Why I love it

  1. It is very easy to install and use.
  2. Its suction cup mount hardware is well built.
  3. It has a USB C, which means I can swiftly switch the cable from the mount to my phone if I need a faster charge.

Check the latest price on Amazon.

20. iPhone Charger Lightning Cable

If you love using cables, then you should get this iPhone Charger Lightning Cable for high-speed charging while driving.

It is compatible with iPhone X / XS / XS Max / XR / 8 / 8 Plus / 7 / 7 Plus / 6s / 6s Plus / 6 / 6 Plus / SE / 5S / 5C / 5, iPad Pro, iPad (6th / 5th / 4th / 3th / 2th generation), iPad, iPad mini 2 / 3 / 4, iPad mini, iPad Air 2, iPod Touch, iPad Air (6th / 5th generation).

The charging cable is 6ft.

Why I love it

  1. It is longer than the original apple cables.
  2. Provides high-speed charging.

Check its latest price on Amazon.

21. USB Car Charger

This USB Car Charger is also great when driving and charging your phone in the car. 

With this super-fast charger, you will no longer have to experience slow charging issues while on a road trip.

Here are some of its main features:

  • This car charger can charge two devices simultaneously from 0 – 55% in just 35 minutes at QC3.0 speed.
  • Provides 3x faster-charging speed to compatible devices.
  • The dual ports pump out 36W total. 
  • It has an all-metal body.
  • It provides protection against overcharging and over-current.
  • It is compatible with all Android and iOS mobile devices.
  • It has a 1.79-inch by 0.94-inch body

Why I love this USB Car Charger

  1. It charges your mobile devices based on the maximum charging speed that it supports.
  2. It is portable and very reliable.

Check its latest price on Amazon.

22. USB C Fast Charger Kit

This is yet another great USB-C fast charger for your Samsung devices.

It is compatible with Note 20/Ultra, Note 10/Plus, Note 9/8, Samsung Galaxy S21/S20/Plus/Ultra, S10+/S10e/S10, S9/Plus, S8/Plus, A80, A70, A50, A20, LG G7 ThinQ, LG G8 ThinQ, G6, G5, V20, V30, V35 ThinQ, V 40 ThinQ, V50 ThinQ, Stylo 4, etc 

It is up to 4x faster than the traditional chargers.

It is also safer and quick.


Input:DC 12-24V, Max 2.5A

Output: DC 3.6V-6.5V,3A/ 6.5V- 9V,2A/ 9V-12V,1.5A, 18W

Why I love this super-fast charger

  1. It is easy to carry. 
  2. Has very durable and strong cords!
  3. Comes with 2 plugs. For the car and home.

Check the current price on Amazon.

Best car accessories on a road trip with a baby

When taking a road trips with a baby, you need to get these essential car accessories for kids.

23. Baby Car Seat Protector

If you don’t like your car seats getting ruined by stains, spills, and scratches during family road trips, this Car Seat Protector for Baby does the job.

The cover helps extend the life of your car seats, leaving them looking brand new.

The seat protector comes with an anti-slip design and adjustable straps, including a security headrest strap.

It also has a waterproof layer and two storage mesh pockets.

Why I love this baby car seat protector

  1. It does not slide off the seat, it stays put.
  2. It is large, meaning it can fit even the wide car seats.
  3. It gets easily cleaned in minutes with a towel.
  4. It is thick enough, which offers better protection to the car seat.
  5. It is easy to install and remove.

Check out its current price on Amazon.

24. Car Seat Protector for Baby Car Seats

This Car Seat Protector is another great alternative.

It has added 7-inch “wings“ extending on each side for extra protection.

It also has a non-slip underside.

The car seat protector provides extra protection with two additional straps attached to the backrest.

Why I love it

  • It is easy to clean. 
  • Works great for rear-facing toddlers’ messy/dirty feet.
  • It’s thick, hence protecting your seats from car seat indentations.

Check the latest price on Amazon.

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25. Portable Dual Screen DVD Player

If you are looking for some good entertainment for the kids while driving, you should try this portable dual-screen DVD player. 

Its screen size is 10 inches (12.2 * 9.2 inches) with 1024*800 HD resolution.

It plays various DVDs formats: CD, DVD, CD-R/RW, DVD+RW/-RW, DVD -R/+R, SVCD, and VCD.

It also plays media files like JPEG, MP3, VOB, WMA, and AVI 4 ( resolution of up to 720 * 576, maximum up to 32GB).

Why I am recommending it

  1. Has a superb picture! 
  2. Has really great audio.
  3. The remote has a volume button on it.
  4. The screen is big enough, and you can strap it to the headrest.

Check the latest price on Amazon.

Best car accessories on a road trip with a dog

The following car accessories will help make your life easier on a road trip with a dog:

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26. Dog Back Seat Protector

With a dog back seat protector, you no longer need to worry about the dog getting dirt during your road trip stopovers.

This back seat cover has a maximum open size of (54″ x 58”), which is designed to fit all cars/SUVs. 

It is also anti-slip.

This is why I love this dog back seat cover

  1. It is very easy to clean. You just need to vacuum or wipe it clean with a damp cloth.
  2. Installation is fast and very easy. It only takes a few minutes to install.
  3. It clips really strongly.
  4. It is made of great quality material.
  5. The dog does not slip when you’re driving.

Check out its latest price on Amazon.

27. Car Seat Covers

These are a great alternative to pet seat covers.

They are waterproof and non-slip.

I love them because:

  • They protect your car seats from drinks spillage or anything that makes your car seats dirty.
  • They are easy to install and clean. You just need to vacuum or wipe them clean with a damp cloth.
  • They fit perfectly on most vehicles.

Check the latest price on Amazon.

28. Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner

If you are worried about dog hair on your car seats when traveling with your dog, a portable car vacuum cleaner does the trick.

I like the fact that it is lightweight, about 2.4 lbs.

It has a 106w motor and a washable filter.

It also comes with a good size dust bin for drive-thru food spills, ash, or dirt.

What I love about it

  1. It cleans even the hard-to-reach dirt areas, and crumbs stuck under the car seats.
  2. It has a good cord length.
  3. It is easy to use. 

Check the latest price on Amazon.

Hello there! My name is Rose. I’m passionate about electric cars and clean energy. My adventurous spirit and journalistic pursuits make each day fascinating and far greater. I consider traveling not just about the grandeur moments, but the little elements that transform the whole experience.