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Best and Worst Used Lexus Models in 2024 (Buyers Guide)

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Last Updated on January 24, 2024 by Rose Morah

Though Lexus has been ranked as one of the top most reliable cars, some of its models are not that reliable.

So, if you are not quite familiar with the Lexus models, we are going to cover the most reliable Lexus models and also the worst models that you need to stay away from in 2024.

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Best used Lexus models to buy

Note: Even though these are the best used Lexus models that you can buy, what will make them a good value for the money is if the seller has looked after them very well. 

The following Lexus models have proven over the years to be very reliable and hold their value. In most cases, you can never go wrong after buying either of them.

1. Lexus ES 350

You will find a good and very reliable Lexus ES 350 as long as it has been properly maintained.

These cars are also cheap to maintain because their parts are not usually that expensive compared to some of the other Lexus models.

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2. Lexus RX350 (from 2010+)

The Lexus RX350 for the year 2010+ models was significantly improved and made to be more reliable than their earlier versions.

However, they will cost you more on maintenance than the Lexus ES350 because they are heavier. For instance, their tires will be more expensive and their brakes may wear out prematurely. 

However, they’re incredibly reliable and worth it because they may go for so many miles without ever breaking down or anything ever going wrong.

Most Lexus RX350 owners who bought it after it had covered thousands of miles reported not having experienced any problems/issues after 5 years of ownership, and even after covering more thousands of miles years later.

These cars are also a great choice for people who need plenty of room when carrying more passengers, and those who are looking for used cars with luxury features.

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3. Lexus IS350

Lexus IS 350 is another great fun-to-drive and decent sports sedan that is more comfort-oriented.

However, it can be a little uncomfortable for taller people, especially the 2nd generation due to its small rear seats.

But if the small rear seats are a concern, then I recommend going for the 3rd generation Lexus IS 350 because the rear seats are more comfortable for passengers who are over 6ft.

3rd generation Lexus IS 350 is from 2014+.

Its maintenance cost will be more than the Lexus ES350 and Lexus RX350 mainly because of its overall layout. However, it is a very reliable model.

4. Lexus LS430

This is an “old” car that never seems to die even after putting so many miles on it or driving it for so many years.

This explains why the used Lexus LS430 is expensive and its prices never seem to ever drop.

The Lexus LS 430 is actually known as the Lexus legendary!

5. ES300 and ES330 (from 2002 to 2006)

This is not only a very nice and reliable car that will keep going no matter how old it is but it is also very DIY-friendly.

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6. Lexus LX470 and GX470

The Lexus LX470 is an almost 20-year-old track that still holds its value.

These two vehicles have one of the best engines that Lexus has ever made.

7. Lexus GX350

Lexus GX350 models have also proven over the years to be very reliable and timeless cars.


Lexus IS models tend to handle a lot better than the ES models.
Lexus IS models are more sporty while the ES models are luxurious
Lexus ES models are more comfortable than IS models.
Lexus ES 350 is cheap to maintain than the IS 350 and RX 350

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Worst Lexus models to avoid

1. Lexus IS250 and GX250 

Avoid at all cost, all the Lexus IS 250 years mainly because of its direct-injection only engine which usually tends to have so many problems.

They are also known for their carbon buildup issue because of the direct injection engine.

Avoid any Lexus with a 4GR-FSE 2.5L with D4 System. This is because the direct-injection engine is known for having more problems.

Also, note that even though the newer Lexus models with this type of engine were improved, they did not change that much.

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2. HS 250h

Some of the HS 250h Lexus models are known to burn oil at a rapid rate. 

Some of the commonly affected models were 2010, 2011, and 2012.

However, you should note that some of these cars were recalled and fixed but some never got to be fixed.

NOTE: Lexus ended up discontinuing the HS 250h.

3. Lexus RX350 (2007 to 2009)

In its early years from 2007 to 2009, the Lexus RX350 was very notorious for oil leaks and other issues.

Therefore, it’s best to go for the newer models that are from 2010+.

4. LS 460

The LS 460 looks great and costs lesser than you would expect from a car like this. 

However, even if it is affordable for many people, especially if you are looking to buy a new one, it does have one major downside that many people realize after covering more than 100k miles.

Its major problem is the high maintenance cost. Its parts tend to be very expensive and usually end up costing LS 460 owners thousands of dollars to replace.

Finally, I’ll like to conclude by saying that if you take good care of the Lexus models, they will take care of you!

All the best!

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