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2 Best International Sim Cards For the Caribbean

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If you are traveling to the Caribbean, the following are the 2 best sim cards for Caribbean travel.

1. Airalo

Airalo has good offers for those traveling to the Caribbean. 

For $15 on their Island Hopper package, you get to stay connected in 22 Caribbean countries with 1GB of data valid for 7 days.

This is how Airalo works;

  • Airalo only works with devices that have an eSIM built-in.

This basically means that it is different from the physical sim cards that require you to insert the Sim card on the phone.

When using the Airalo eSIM, you don’t pay the roaming fees when traveling. You also don’t have to find SIM vendors to purchase or set it up.

This is because to use the Caribbean data package, you only need to download the app, choose your destination and package then install and activate the Airalo eSIM.

eSIM stands for – embedded sim card
  • The 7-day validity period will only start once the eSIM connects to any of the countries covered in the Island Hopper Pack.
  • The data speed varies in different countries.

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The list of 23 Islands covered by the Airalo Caribbean data package:

Antigua And Barbuda
Cayman Islands
French Guiana
Saint Lucia
Saint Kitts and Nevis
Puerto Rico
Trinidad and Tobago
Turks and Caicos Islands
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
The British Virgin Islands


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2. Google Fi

Google Fi is another great option when you traveling to the Caribbean and want to stay connected.

This is because it automatically shifts between various local mobile networks and secure Wi-Fi connections to offer you the best signals while traveling abroad.

The advantage of using Google Fi when traveling abroad

  • It works like the local service in many countries that they have partnered with.

Once you land in another country it automatically connects thus giving you immediate data coverage.

  • You get to use the services (calls and data) at the same rates as your home rates. This is great, especially when you are traveling to places that have expensive data rates.
  • In some locations, the data will be cheaper than in the US.
  • It has reasonable call rates per minute.
  • You do not need to have an extra phone or swap sim cards to get 5G coverage.

But as much as Google Fi may seem like the best option, there are also many cases of travelers being cut off while still abroad. They are hence forced to look for other alternatives to stay connected. 

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But, why do Google Fi cut-off travelers while abroad?

According to Google Fi’s terms and conditions, their service is only for USA residents traveling abroad and it is not for those planning to settle abroad.

Unfortunately, there’s no specific time frame.

Personally, I have used Google Fi for 6 months without being cut off. However, I never stayed in one location for a long time.

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