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8 Best Pet Transportation Services – Best Pet Shipping Companies

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It is possible to relocate your pets yourself. But personally, I prefer getting a shipping agency to take care of everything. 

In this article, I will cover some of the best pet transportation services based on my own experiences and what is recommended by pet shipping experts.

But before that, here are the advantages of transporting your pets through a pet shipping agent:

  • Most take care of all the paperwork, such as vet certificates, FDA certificates,  required microchips and/or vaccinations, etc.
  • Some arrange for pick up.
  • They are of great help, especially if your pet needs extra care/special needs.
  • They have climate-controlled trucks, which are great for ground pet transportation.

Best Pet Transportation Services

1. PetRelocation

I have shipped my pets using PetRelocation pet shipping services, and overall, I must say that I had the best experience working with them. 

PetRelocation offers one of the best pet shipping services in the U.S and internationally.

Here is what I loved most about this pet shipping company:

  • They really helped with paperwork.
  • They coordinated very well with my veterinarian. 
  • They handled everything right from my doorstep to physically shipping my pet to the UK.
  • They gave me such peace of mind working with them, from the beginning to the end.

However, the only downside was the price. It wasn’t cheap. But I would say that I got what I paid for. So, I can’t complain.

These are the steps that I took when working with this pet transportation company:

STEP 1: Collection of the necessary information (Travel assessment) 

Immediately after paying the service fee, they began collecting all the necessary information. These included:

  • My travel plans and my dog’s.
  • Vet records, including information about the vaccination requirements.
  • They also advised me on what to look for when purchasing a travel crate.

STEP 2: Custom travel plan

After collecting all the needed information, next, I was given different route options that would best suit me and my dog.

The custom travel plan also included the price and detailed information about the travel restrictions.

After approving the travel plan, the next step of the process involved the travel bookings.

STEP 3: Travel bookings

They took care of all the bookings and everything else required to ship a pet. These include the following:

  • Airline bookings.
  • Ground transportation.
  • Boarding facilities.
  • Submission of all the required paperwork.

STEP 4: Shipping the pet to my destination

First of all, I totally loved their pet travel preparation tips, considering that it was my first time shipping my dog overseas.

Additionally, they constantly updated during the shipment process, which gave me peace of mind. They also promised to inform me about any unavoidable circumstances that may lead to travel changes as soon as possible. This included delayed flights that may lead to last-minute changes.

For more information, you can visit their Official Website.


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2. Pacific Pet Transport

Pacific Pet Transport is yet another great pet shipping company that does all the leg work, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

Frankly, I have not used this shipping company before. However, it is among the most recommended by pet shipping experts and pet owners who have used them before.

The only reason why I did not choose them, was their price comparison. I hence opted for the PetRelocation shipping company.

For more information, check them out on their Official Website.

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3. Pets on Board Transport

Pets on Board Transport are the best if you plan on transporting your pet(s) across the country. I have used this pet transportation company in the past and I would recommend them to anyone looking to transport their pet across the country. 

Pets On Board transports pets from one place to another through vehicles and trained drivers. They are the best for ground transportations.

For more information, check them out on their Official Website.

4. Pet Airways

If you want your pet to enjoy and have a great time while being shipped overseas, Pet Airways should be your go-to pet transportation company for that.

This shipment company provides a unique experience for your pets compared to other pet shipping providers.

One thing that stood out for me, was the fact that the pets are monitored throughout the whole trip by onboard pet attendants.

Other than that:

  • They fly in the main cabin.
  • Their safety is monitored throughout the whole trip.
  • They get fresh air from the cabin.
  • They get potty breaks e.t.c
  • They are not exposed to the dangers of cargo holds.

This gives the pet owners complete peace of mind. You should check them out on their Official Website.

5. Jetpets

Jetpets is an Australian pet shipping company that ships pets from Australia to the USA or other destinations. 

Personally, I haven’t used this shipping company before. But pet shipping experts and pet owners who have used them before recommended the company. 

You can check them out on their Official Website for more information.

6. uShip

uShip is not a shipping company, however, it connects pet owners with pet shipping specialists. 

Their online platform also allows you to:

  • Receive shipping rates/quotes from pet shipping companies.
  • Figure out the best shipping company to ship your pets.

In order to get the shipping quotes, you will first need to create a listing on uShip. You will then be asked for the following information:

  • Pet’s name.
  • Breed.
  • Age of the pet.
  • Any special needs.
  • Do you have a kennel or would like them to provide you with one.

Other than this basic information, you are advised to provide detailed information about your pet.

7. Airpets

Airpets offers international and domestic pet relocation and ground transportation. Other than that, they also offer the following additional services:

  • Departure and destination services.
  • Pet nanny.
  • Cat and dog crate services.

8. Pet Van Lines

Pet Van Lines is a great alternative for pet ground transportation of cats and dogs. 

They offer the following services:

  • Shared pet transportation.
  • Local pet taxi.
  • Fly and drive.

If you decide to relocate the pets yourself, especially by air, just make sure that:

  • You have all the necessary documents.
  • Where possible, book a direct flight.
  • You take note of the booking times. For instance, if you are traveling in summer, you can avoid exposing them to the hot tarmac by taking a keen note of your your flight times and booking wisely.
  • You make arrangements ahead of time, like a few months before, especially when the required paperwork is time sensitive. This ensures that your pet is not held at customs.

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