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Best Tesla Trip Planner App In 2023 (According To Tesla Owners)

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Last Updated on January 9, 2023 by Rose Morah

Planning a long Tesla road trip in 2023?

Today, there are many Tesla trip planner apps. Thus, it is harder for most Tesla owners to find the right one for planning a long trip.

What would be considered the best tesla trip planner app mainly depends on the main goal of your road trip.

In this article, I will take you through the best available options depending on your needs/goals.

This is what we are going to cover: 

  • Comparison between the two main Tesla trip apps. 
  • The best Tesla trip planner app overall, based on our experience and that of most Tesla drivers.

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Overall, the best Tesla trip planner apps are the Tesla In-built Trip Planner App and A Better Road Trip Planner (ABRP).

Here is a comparison of the two apps:

A Better Route Planner (ABRP)Tesla’s In-built Route Planner
1.It is about 85% accurate.

ABRP takes lots of variables into consideration. 
Some of them include road conditions, weight, driving style, temperature e.t.c.

Be sure to adjust these variables accurately, and you won’t be disappointed.
1.It is about 80% accurate.

Tesla is great at calculating how much battery you are going to use on your trip. 
It gives near-accurate battery consumption even when your trip is at different altitudes. 
However, it does not consider other variables that may affect the range.
2. Best for fast road trips.

ABRP focuses on providing more charging stops along your route. 
This means that you will arrive at your charging stops with more charge and just spend only a few minutes adding more.

Therefore, you will end up spending less time on the charge stops hence a faster road trip.

UPDATE: ABRP now has a feature that allows you to choose whether you want a fast road trip or a slow one.
2.Not the best for fast road trips.

The in-built Tesla trip planner mainly focuses on fewer charging stops, because it expects you to arrive at your next charging destination with a lesser charge.
This means that you are going to spend more time at the charge stops to get enough charge for the rest of the trip.

NOTE: If you want a fast road trip when relying on this trip planner, you will need to manually search and add superchargers along your route.
3.Its navigation can be a little confusing for beginners/ new Tesla owners.3.It is easier to plan a road trip using the in-built Tesla trip planner, even for new Tesla owners.
4.It has the “share” feature. 

You can easily share your trips with other devices.
4.It has the “share” feature. 

You can also share your trips with other devices.
5.Better accuracy when going on a road trip during the cold season when the temperature is below 25°F. 5.It is not very accurate when going on a road trip during the cold season when the temperature is below 25°F. 
6.It has more bugs compared to the in-built Tesla trip planner.6.It has fewer bugs.
7.Sometimes it can be very draggy/slow.7.It loads trips much faster after the recent updates.

We have a detailed article on How to use A Better Route Planner.

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What Tesla Trip Planner App Do Most Tesla Owners Prefer for Long Road Trips?

Curious to find out what trip planner app most Tesla owners prefer, we did a survey in July 2021,  to determine the best Tesla route planner app (on over 100 Tesla owners). 

Based on the feedback at that time, A Better Route Planner (ABRP) was leading with 50% followed by Tesla’s in-built trip planner at 40%, PlugShare at 7%, and others at 3% most recommended.

In January 2022, we did a similar survey for direct feedback from Tesla owners who have recently been on long and short Tesla road trips.

This was necessary because, both ABRP and the in-built Tesla route planner have gone through many updates/changes since our last survey.

Based on the findings, both ABRP and the Tesla in-built route planner still emerged as the best Tesla trip planner apps for road trips.

However, this year the Tesla in-built trip planner was the most preferred of the two by most owners.

YEARABRPTesla’s in-built route planner
July 202150% votes40% votes
January 202235% votes60% votes

The pie chart below shows data of the most voted Tesla route planners for road trips:

Best Tesla Trip Planner Apps

Summary Report

The following are some of the main reasons why 60% of Tesla owners prefer using the Tesla in-built trip planner when going on road trips:

  1. Tesla’s built-in route planner has improved greatly since last year.
  2. It is easier to navigate through the app compared to ABRP and the other EV route planner apps.

This is because the car is ready to help you. After getting in the car you simply need to set your destination and let the car figure out your route and charging stops.

  1. It provides lesser charging stops.
  2. It also provides almost accurate charge estimates.

Important findings from the Tesla Owners who use the In-built Tesla Route Planner

We also received some interesting feedback from the Tesla owners who preferred the in-built Tesla trip planner. 

70% used both ABRP and the in-built Tesla route planner, 20% used both Tesla’s route planner and Plugshare, and the rest, 10%, used both Tesla’s route planner and other apps for additional features.

70% Use both the in-built Tesla trip planner and ABRP.
20%Use both the in-built Tesla trip planner and PlugShare.
10%Use both the in-built Tesla trip planner and other apps such as Waze and Google Maps.

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The vast majority of the Tesla owners (70%) use both the In-Built Tesla Route Planners and ABRP in the following ways: 

  • They use ABRP on their phone to keep track of the overall road trip, but use Tesla’s trip planner while driving.
  • They use ABRP to get a clear picture of the trip. That is, to know if they can skip a supercharger, or have a rough idea of how many stops are in a route. The In-Built Tesla Route Planner will be used for preconditioning the battery before arriving at the next charging stop. 

(20%) Tesla owners use both the in-built Tesla route planners and PlugShare when: 

  • They want to find or avoid specific chargers along their route.
  • They want to read the charger station reviews (the comments people leave after using the chargers).
  • They want to find places to sleep as they charge overnight.

(10%) Tesla owners who prefer using the in-built Tesla Trip Planner with other apps such as Waze

Interestingly, some Tesla owners preferred other apps, such as Waze.

Some of the reasons why they choose Waze and other similar apps was because they showed them:

  • The speed camera locations.
  • Roadblocks, accidents, and constructions.
  • Traffic.
  • And other hazards.

35% of Tesla Drivers prefer using only A Better Route Planner (ABRP) mainly because:

  • You can add waypoints.
  • It reduces the anxiety range as it gives almost accurate estimates.
  • It is flexible. You get to choose your preferred charging stops.
  • It shows you both Tesla Superchargers and 3rd party chargers. 
  • You can easily load it on the Tesla in-car browser to get real-time tracking.

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Best Tesla road trip planner app

Other available tesla trip planner options

What other options are available other than ABRP, Tesla in-built route planner, PlugShare and Waze?

  1. Google maps (EV route planning)

Google Maps EV route planning is also great in helping you plan your Tesla road trip.

It helps you achieve the following:

  • It helps you find the best route.
  • When planning your trip, it calculates your next charging stops based on the battery range.
  • It gives you the estimated time it will take to charge your car. This is by putting into consideration the type of charger (fast or regular).
  • Drivers can be able to check charger availability in advance.

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  1. Apple Maps EV routing

Not only has Apple introduced a digital car key, but they have also come up with Apple Maps EV route planner that is almost similar to Google map’s EV route planner.


So, basically, when taking a long road trip, your choice of trip planner app will mainly depend on your road trip goals.

What not to expect from all the EV Trip Planners

  1. Do not expect the trip planner to be 100% accurate

About 90% of the time when planning a trip, the charging times are always never the same as what you see on the EV trip planners.

And this explains why you always see charging time differences when planning a trip on ABRP vs. the in-built Tesla route planner. This also applies to other EV trip planner apps.

Once you start driving, the car will constantly be evaluating whether it will manage to arrive at the next charging stop or reroute you based on how much charge you have. 

Additionally, it will change the original planned route if it realizes that it is consuming more energy than it originally ‘thought’ it would. 

There are many factors that affect the EV range. They include:
> Driving speed
> Weather.
> Temperature.
> Terrain e.t.c

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  1. You will never see a perfect 250kW or 150kW when charging

Most of the time, during a charging session, you will never see a perfect 250kW or 150kW. Sometimes, this may even end up changing your entire original plan on the trip planner. 


Take, for instance, your Tesla trip planner predicted that you would arrive at a Supercharger with about 40% charge only to end up arriving with 10%. 

This means that you will either charge for longer than you planned on the trip planner or consume enough charge to take you to the next available/closest charge stop, that was not planned on the trip planner.

Additionally, if you stop at a 150kW paired charger and then someone pulls over right next to you, this will mean a longer charging time than what the trip planner originally predicted.

In conclusion, even if you’re using the best Tesla trip planner to plan your road trip, it’s important to be flexible and not to fully rely on the information provided by the trip planners as anything can happen along the way.

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