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The Cheapest Prepaid Sim Cards In Canada

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Last Updated on November 28, 2023 by Rose Morah

The following is a list of the cheapest prepaid sim cards in Canada:

  • Public Mobile
  • Petro-Canada Mobility Wireless
  • Lucky Mobile
  • Freedom Mobile

But before we dive into each of these sim cards, let’s first take a look at the disadvantages of going for a cheap prepaid Sim Card in Canada.

  1. Cheap carriers in Canada have shorter days of service compared to expensive carriers. 

For instance, if you top up $15 and don’t use it in 30 days, the balance will go back to $0.

On the other hand, expensive cards have more days before your funds expire.

  1. Most cheap carriers in Canada will deactivate your Sim Card if you don’t top up and if your balance stays $0 for a few months.
  2. Most of the cheap carriers in Canada do not have a good data connection. They offer up to 3G speed.

1. Public Mobile 

The following are the cheapest plans on Public Mobile:

  • For $15 you get 100 minutes (Canada-wide), a 250 MB bonus with AutoPay, unlimited calls, and unlimited international text and picture messaging.
  • For $25 you will get 500MB of data (3G speed), a 500 MB bonus with AutoPay, unlimited minutes (Canada-wide), and unlimited international text and picture messaging.

Other plans on Public Mobile range from $35 (2.5GB data) to $70 (20GB data).

NOTE: All their plans include voicemail, call display, and conference calling. 

Why do most people prefer Public Mobile?

  • It is cheap and has the best coverage (better network).
  • On holidays like Christmas, they sometimes give their customers some freebies.
  •  You are rewarded points for being a customer. You can use the points to lower your phone bills, use them when you want to add extra add-ons or try your luck on their jackpot.

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2. Petro-Canada Mobility Wireless 

Petro-Canada Mobility Wireless gives you two options:

  1. Anytime Pay Per Use.

This plan allows you to only pay for what you use (talk, text, and data). The following are the rates;

20¢ Per text.
40¢ Per-minute talk.
15¢Per MB of data.
$1.25Deducted on a monthly basis for the 911 recovery fee.

Top-Up options include:

AMOUNTDays of Service
  1. 30-day plan

On the 30-day plan, the cheapest option has a $15 plan that comes with a bonus of 25 minutes (Canada-wide talk), unlimited texting (Canada-wide), and 100 minutes (Canada-wide anytime minutes).

Another cheap option is the $20 plan which comes with unlimited texting (Canada-wide) and 200 minutes (Canada-wide anytime minutes).

Their cheapest option for data is the $35 plan, which comes with 2GB of data, unlimited texting & MMS both Canada-wide and internationally, and unlimited minutes (Canada-wide).

Why do most people prefer Petro-Canada Mobility Wireless?

It is the cheapest mobile prepaid plan if you use Wi-Fi or have access to Wi-Fi while in Canada.

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3. Lucky Mobile

Luck Mobile also has some cheap plans depending on your needs and preferences. 

The following is the cheapest data-only plan on Luck-Mobile;

  • For $15 per month, you get 500 MB of data (3G speed). But when you register for automatic top-up you get 750 MB (3G speed).

Since, this is a data-only plan, calling and texting are not available.

The following is the cheapest calling plan on Luck-Mobile;

  • For $15 per month you get 100 minutes for outgoing calls (Canada-wide), unlimited minutes for incoming calls (Canada-Wide), 250 MB of data every month if you register for an automatic top-up, and unlimited text both Canada-wide and internationally.

4. Freedom Mobile

The cheapest plan for Freedom Mobile is the starter plan which is $15 per month. 

On this plan, you will get 250MB of data, 100 minutes of talk (Canada-wide), unlimited incoming calls, and unlimited global text, video, and picture messaging.

Another cheap option to consider on the Freedom Mobile starter plan is the $25 per month mobile plan.

This plan comes with 500MB of data, unlimited calls to Canada and incoming calls, and unlimited global text, video, and picture messaging.

For more plans and updates, you can check out their official website.

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