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Clever Ways To Hide Money from an Airport Scanner and When Traveling

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Last Updated on November 22, 2023 by Rose Morah

It’s normal to worry about where to put your money when traveling and when going through airport security.

In this article, we are going to cover the following money-hiding hacks:

  • How to hide money from an airport scanner
  • Clever ways to hide money in clothing while traveling
  • How to keep your money safe while traveling
  • Worst places to hide money
  • Money hiding gadgets

But before that, the following are two things to remember when traveling with a large amount of money abroad:

  1. Money should always be in direct contact with you.

When going through the airport, don’t let it leave your sight at any point.

  1. Find out how much cash needs to be declared at the Airport.

The amount of cash to carry varies depending on the location.

For example, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection, if you are carrying an exceeding amount of $10,000, whether you are traveling in or out of the United States, you must file a FinCEN Form 105 to declare it.

You can file either on paper or electronically on the official website.

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How to hide money from an airport scanner

When it comes to places to hide money from the airport scanner, ladies tend to have more options compared to men.

However, the tips below apply to both men and women.

The following are money-hiding hacks from an airport scanner, of course assuming that you’re not traveling with a lot of cash.

1. Money Belt

You can hide money in a money belt and go through the airport scanner without tripping the alarm. 

However, this is not just any money belt. It needs to be a well-designed money belt.

The following are examples of well-designed money belts:

This money belt is flat, comfortable, and with RFID block. I have used it so many times when traveling and it always works very well at airports.

You can check out its current price on Amazon.

Alternatively, you can wear what may seem like a normal belt but have a hidden money pocket that keeps your money secure as you go through the airport security scan.

The following are good examples of money-hiding travel belts.

Check out its current price on Amazon.

Check out its current price on Amazon.

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2. Put your money in a neck pouch

You can wear a neck pouch directly against your chest (under your clothes) and go through airport security without setting off the alarm.

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How to keep your money safe while traveling

If you are a frequent traveler, you probably have encountered unfortunate moments involving money and valuables when traveling.

For instance, I have in the past received my luggage at the airport with stolen cash and lost valuable items. 

I have also experienced hotel thefts and pickpocketing at different travel destinations which left me scared, stranded, and confused.

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Luckily, over the years, I have discovered some clever ways to keep money safe when traveling. Have a look:

1. Get the best pocket socks for traveling with money

Wearing these pocket socks will help keep your money and other small valuables safe when traveling.

And again, if you will be going through metal detectors, its pocket zippers will not set off the alarm.

2. Men’s pocket underwear

These underwears come with a secret stash zippered pocket to help you carry your money secretly.

There are many pocket underwear, but I’d recommend these because they are affordable, have great zipper pockets, and are super comfortable.

Check them out on Amazon.

3. Women’s Pocket Panties

Women too can easily hide and walk with money in their pocket panties without anyone noticing.

These women’s pocket panties help keep your money safe when traveling.

Women’s pocket panties fit very well and are comfortable even after you stash money in the pockets. No one will ever notice what you are carrying.

4. Travel Bra Pouch

This snap-up bra pouch comes with a clever insert design.

You actually don’t need a purse or backpack to keep your money when you have this.

Check out its current price on Amazon.

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Best Money-Hiding Gadgets When Traveling

1. Water bottle

When traveling with money, the last place anyone would ever think you are hiding money is in your water bottle.

A few years back, I bought a water bottle with a safe hidden compartment. In the few times I have been robbed when traveling, no one touched the water bottle. They all went for the wallet decoy and other things, but not the water bottle.

Apart from storing my drinking water, I have used the water bottle many times in the past to hide money.

I’d highly recommend you carry it when traveling because you just never know.

Check out its current price on Amazon.

2. Hair Brush Comb

You can use a hairbrush comb to hide your money within minutes without anyone noticing.

The following are two great hairbrush combs that you can carry during your trip to brush your hair and hide your money at the same:

Check out its current price on Amazon.

Check out its current price on Amazon.

3. Book Safe

Did you know you can turn your favorite book into a perfect safe?

Well, I don’t mean doing it as a DIY but rather buying one that is already professionally made.

The following are great examples of book safes that I’d recommend to any traveler:

Check out its latest price on Amazon.

Check out its current price on Amazon.

4. Scarf with pockets

You can wear and walk around with these scarves without anyone realizing that you are carrying money or passports in them.

Check out the current price on Amazon.

Check out the current price on Amazon.

Check out the latest price on Amazon.

What are the worst places to hide money when traveling?

1. Phone case/ Phone case wallet

If you hide money in your phone case/wallet, in case the phone is stolen or misplaced, this will end up as a double loss (the phone and money) which may leave you stranded.

2. Shoes

Nowadays, everybody knows this ‘trick’ of hiding money in shoes. It’s actually an old trick.

Don’t be surprised when the person robbing you asks you to take off your shoes. 

And if you forget easily, you might take off your shoes without realizing that you have some cash in there.

3. In your suitcase

Many travelers lose their money every day when ‘hiding it’ in their suitcases at airports and in hotels.

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One time as I was going to pick up my suitcase, I remember seeing my clothes flying all over the baggage claim area. Later on I came to learn that my suitcase had been broken into and all my money in the suitcase was gone.

I know of people who have also gone through similar and even worse experiences.

Apparently, airports are not as safe as you may think. 

Therefore, I’d highly recommend that you avoid putting all your money in your suitcase.

Money hiding tips when traveling

  1. Don’t hide all your money in one place

Put your money in different locations. This way, in case someone steals from you, you will still have backup from the other places.

  1. Always have a decoy

A decoy works very well when traveling to unsafe locations. For instance:

  • You could could travel with 2 wallets. One should be well hidden because it will have more cash (that you cannot afford to lose).
  • The other one should be hidden (though not completely like the first one) and should have very little cash (one that you can afford to lose).

You can also put the decoy wallet in your back pockets, on top of the backpack, or suitcase to mislead anyone who may want to steal from you.

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