13 Must-Have Dog Camping Accessories (Best Dog Camping Gear)

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Last Updated on October 15, 2022 by Rose Morah

Dog camping accessories make life easier when you go camping with your dog.

The good thing is that most dog accessories are usually not expensive.

This article has lined up a list of must-have dog camping accessories when camping with your dog.

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The following are the dog camping accessories that you should have before going camping:

1. Rechargeable LED Dog Collar

When going camping with your dog, especially in the forest, I would recommend getting a dog collar that will make your dog visible in the dark.

A LED dog collar has really helped me a couple of times to find my dog, especially when it bolts out after seeing wildlife.

Additionally, it is so hard for it to relax at the camp since it is a very active dog. So, I have found this as the best way to keep track of it.

I normally use a micro USB cable to charge it. I noted that it can go for days before recharging it.

I bought mine for just $13. You can check out the current price on Amazon.

Depending on your preferences, you can alternatively go for the one in the image below.

It also fits perfectly and can be used in all weather as it is water-resistant.

It is also a lot much lighter.

See its current price on Amazon.

2. Dog Paw Wax

I love using dog paw wax on my dog’s paws whenever I’m taking her on long hikes or hunting on my camping trips.

This is mostly because its paws normally start getting cracks from dryness, especially after those long hikes.

Dog Paw Wax help to protect dog paws from heat, sand, snow, and dirt. I found it to work perfectly on the sore and cracked paws.

I have been using Mushers Secret for the last couple of years and would definitely recommend it to other dog owners.

I normally buy more at once on Amazon because I realized that they are always out of stock and may hence take longer to be back in stock before my next camping trip. 

Check out the current price of dog paw wax on Amazon.

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3. Ticks Repellant

If your dog spends most of the time outdoors, it is prone to getting ticks. The same applies when you go camping.

Getting a good tick repellant would hence be crucial for your dog. 

But I would also highly recommend that you do a good amount of research on the product’s ingredients before using it on your dog.

I have had previous bad experiences with tick repellants. There is one that made my dog have seizures immediately after applying it. But when I stopped using it the seizures stopped and never came back.

Another one gave the dog some terrible chemical reactions that developed into nasty rashes.

4. Flea Comb for Dogs

In case you don’t find a good tick/flea repellant, then I recommend getting a tick comb to comb away the flea eggs, adult fleas, and debris.

You can find it on Amazon.

5. Waterproof Dog Shoes

Most campers buy dog shoes for the obvious reason of protecting paws from injuries. But apart from that, they also offer a wide range of other benefits.

For instance, I bought waterproof dog shoes so that my dog can wear them when we are in the tent. This prevents it from tearing up my tent and blankets.

I wish I still have the picture of how my tent and blankets looked after my dog tore them up. The experience made me think twice. I had to get those dog shoes.

For just $27, these dog shoes come in 4pc. You can use one pair in the tent and the other one when spending time outside in extreme weather.

Check out the current price on Amazon.

6. Dog Reflective Stake Tie (16ft Dog Leash)

The reason why I carry a longer leash when I’m out camping with my dog is because it gives my dog more room to move around freely while staying leashed.

In the past, I used to use a different shorter leash. My pup would tear it and free itself up. With a longer leash, it doesn’t act up or feel like a prisoner trying to escape.

I love it because it always works perfectly and the quality is great.

Check out the latest price of this dog leash on Amazon.

7. Dog cooling vest

If you are going camping during hot summer or in locations that get strong direct sunlight, I would recommend getting your dog a cooling vest.

A cooling vest helps protect your dog from the hot sun and heat that results in sunburns, and also from extreme heat that makes the dog too uncomfortable thus causing it to pant heavily.

I use this reflective jacket that I got from Amazon because it helps my dog stay cool. It also has some reflective colors for safety reasons.

Check the current price of this cooling jacket on Amazon.

8. Dog backpack, for hiking and camping

If you like your dog carrying its stuff when we are out camping/hiking, the dog backpack does the trick.

I have a great canvas dog backpack where I put her dog food, water, a poop bag, toys, and bowl and let her carry the stuff.

The good thing is that she has grown to like it, and every time she sees me packing it up she is overly excited because she knows it’s hiking time. She is a pretty active dog.

The dog backpack was indeed a fantastic idea. I truly respect the person who came up with this idea.

I did not buy mine on Amazon, but I found a great one that I can recommend to any owner. Here’s the link.


I highly recommend feeding your dog a good amount of meal that is high in calories after long hikes because it will have used a lot of energy.

Also, carry high-energy treats to boost the dog’s energy when hiking together.

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9. Forceps locking tweezers

Carrying tweezers for light dog grooming is always a great idea, especially when Overlanding. 

The tweezers help pull the hair out of the dog’s ear canal.

I particularly find this forceps-locking tweezer helpful because it easily grabs the fine hair and removes them without a headache.

Check the current price on Amazon.

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10. Ear relief dog finger wipes

I normally don’t like how my dog’s ears smell after a few days of camping, mostly because of all the dirt and wax that build up in its ears.

In the past, before I had found a solution, I would see it trying to rub the side of its head on almost anything including trees.

I am lucky because my dog does not hate this ear relief wipe whenever I clean her ears. This is because it is gentle and I can tell she feels nice.

The ear relief finger wipe has worked perfectly on the ears and she no longer rubs her head on things.

Check out its current price on Amazon

11. Pet travel bag with multi-functional pockets

If you have more than one dog or you are the kind of person that likes it when everything stays organized when camping, then I recommend getting a multifunctional organizer bag to carry your dog staff.

It is spacious, multifunctional, and has numerous pockets.

Check out its latest price on Amazon.

12. Collapsible Dog Bowl

Getting a collapsible bowl for your dog is always a great idea because it helps save space and is easy to carry.

A collapsible bowl is a must-have if you are camping with your dog.

Check the current price on Amazon.

13. Airtight Pet Food Container

Airtight dog food containers are great, especially if you are going to be camping for several days because it locks in the flavor and freshness.

Your dog’s food will also not be attacked by ants and pests. You should also look for one that is waterproof and sealable.

Check the price on Amazon.

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