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How To Entertain and Keep Yourself Busy On A Long Car Ride

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Last Updated on January 30, 2023 by Rose Morah

They are many ways to entertain yourself on a long car ride.

In this article, we are going to discuss 10 ways to keep yourself busy and entertained when going on a long solo road trip.

1. Listen to comedy podcasts

It is hard to get bored when listening to comedy podcasts, especially when driving for long hours.

When listening to my favorite comedians on a road trip, time seems to always fly because it’s really so hard to get bored when I’m belly laughing.

Where to get funny comedy to listen to

Some of the best places to get great comic albums are Pandora, Deezer, and Spotify.

But in case you don’t have any favorite comedian, I recommend you search “raw comedy” on Pandora.

This way you will get a list of comedy stations/comedians to choose from.


I’d recommend you download or save the comedy offline. When driving across the country, you may not get good internet speeds to stream online.

Examples of comedy stations on Pandora

  • Raw Comedy Radio.
  • Comedy Icons Radio.
  • Today’s Comedy Radio.
  • Comedy Gold Minds with Kevin Heart.

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2. Listen to TED Radio Hour

If you enjoy listening to creative minds or topics that inspire you to learn more about the world, TED Radio Hour can be a great option when driving yourself on long rides.

The Technology, Entertainment, Design talk will make you think smart and gain knowledge from other people’s experiences.

And as your car takes you to your road trip destination, TED Radio Hour will take you through a journey of fascinating ideas.

Some of the best TED talks that I have listened to on TED Radio Hour include:

  • Migration.
  • What Lies Beneath.
  • Work, Play, Rest by Amrita Marino.

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3. Listen to audio dramas

If you have listened to an audio drama before, I am sure you already know how deeply they can get you hooked.

Some of the most interesting audio dramas that I have listened to before include:

  • The City in the City in the City by Mathew Capodicasa.
  • The Bright Sessions created by Lauren Shippen
  • Love and Luck (Love & Galeto) by Jenna Evans
  • Zero Hours by Long Story Short Productions

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4. Listen to tech podcasts

If you are interested in Tech or love to stay updated with technology trends, there’re really great tech podcasts that will keep you busy and entertained when going on a solo road trip.

Here are a few great examples of tech podcasts:

What if you are not into big tech podcasts?

I’d then recommend DarkNet Diaries.

It covers some of the most interesting hacking stories, cybercrimes, and data breaches. 

You will love how the very talented and passionate host, Jack Rhysider takes you through the stories.

And even if you don’t have much interest in tech, I bet you will be glued to your chair listening to him.

I generally found the podcast extremely entertaining for a solo road trip.

Not only are you educated but you also learn better ways of protecting yourself online through his great topics and stories.

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5. Listen to movie podcasts

Most people love watching movies.

There are so many interesting movie podcasts that can really entertain you on those long drives by yourself.

Some of the movie podcasts that you can listen to include;

  1. Bad movie reviews podcast

These types of movie podcasts are hilarious.

The good thing is that you will still enjoy listening to them even if you haven’t watched the movies in the discussion.

Here are a few of them:

i) The Flop House.

ii) Film Sack.

iii) We hate Movies (WHM).

  1. Best movies podcasts

i) The Rewatchables.

ii) MILFcast (aka the Man, I Love Films podcast).

  1. Best horror movie podcasts

i) Post Mortem with Mick Garris.

ii) Evolution of Horror by Mike Muncer

iii) Dead Meat Podcast Chelsea Rebecca, James A. Janisse

6. Explore roadside attractions

Roadside attractions are not only great on group road trips but also on solo car rides.

You get to see and experience the beautiful roadside attractions along your route.

If you are going on road trips across the US, be sure to use Roadtrip America Map Wizard.

It comes in handy in giving you roadside attractions along your route.

The following is an image illustration of how to use the website.

how to entertain yourself on a solo road trip
Image Credit: Road Trip America Map Wizard

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7. Listen to mixtapes

Listening to mixtapes can be a great way to entertain and keep yourself busy on a solo road trip.

Well, instead of coming up with your own playlist, you can download or listen to the best mixtapes online.

Examples of places to get some good mixtapes:

8. Call people

There are times you will feel lonely and bored in the car by yourself on a solo road trip, especially when driving for long hours.

Well, this can be a great time to call people!

I recommend calling people you enjoy talking to. It is a great way to help kill boredom and keep you going. 

However, I recommend choosing wisely who you call. Some people can really ruin your mood on your road trip.

I would recommend this car phone holder when video calling. I have always found it helpful on road trips.

And to ensure that your phone stays fully charged, especially after long video calls, I recommend this USB fast car charger.

9. Make friends along the way

Speaking of loneliness and boredom, if you are good at making friends, you can interact with other people at your stopovers, especially while viewing various beautiful roadside attractions.

You don’t have to be alone throughout the whole journey on a solo road trip.

On my solo road trips, I have made great friends who have ended up being of great help in many ways.

For instance, I have made friends in real estate who have given me great tips and advice that I needed before purchasing a house. 

I also met a friend who has given me great legal advice for free, not once, not twice, but several times. 

These interactions not only keep you busy but you also get to learn useful stuff. 

For example, I have had interactions that helped me know the best places to get low gas prices, the best local restaurants and hotels along the way, and e.t.c

10. Eat healthy snacks

I don’t know about you, but eating snacks is another way to keep myself busy and awake while driving. 

I have gotten so addicted to eating nuts when I’m driving. It’s funny how I usually don’t realize how time flies in the process.

In this article, I have shared five healthy snacks to help keep you awake while driving. 

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