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How To Sleep In A Small Car (Best Tips & Hacks)

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Last Updated on May 29, 2023 by Rose Morah

In case you’re wondering how you can comfortably sleep in a small car, or whether it is possible to get some good sleep in a small car, this article provides some of the best tips for sleeping in a small car.

We will be sharing some of the best and most practical ways of sleeping in a tiny car during road trips.

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Best ways to sleep in a small car?

The following are three ways to sleep in a small car:

  1. Sleeping in the passenger seat

If you just want to take a short nap, sleeping in the passenger’s seat is much better than in the driver’s seat.

That’s because the seat has no pedals in the way thus giving you a lot more legroom and you can fully recline it for better sleep.

However, it’s important to note that this is not the most comfortable position to sleep in if you are over 6ft.

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  1. Fold the back seats and use the trunk space.

For better sleep and comfort when sleeping in a small car, you can fold down the back seat and use the trunk space to set up a nice sleeping space.

This is a more comfortable option if you plan on sleeping in the car overnight or for long hours.

  • Remove your front passenger seat

This is another great alternative, especially for a tall person. You can remove the front passenger seat and replace it with a sleeping platform such as a wooden crate, false floors, or a plywood bed.

This will give you a flat surface to comfortably sleep in because it will also flatten out the back area.

And to create even more space, you can remove the rear and passenger seats, then get a mattress such as this one from Amazon for a comfortable sleep in your car.

How to make sleeping in a small car more comfortable

Sleeping in a small car is definitely not that comfortable.

However, there are a number of great ways that we have used to help increase the level of comfort.

  1. Wearing thick jackets

This is quite helpful, especially if you are sleeping in the car during the winter season. 

Thick jackets act as comforters and help you sleep and stay warm at the same time, especially if you are using the trunk space which can get so cold.

  1. Get a nice sleeping bag.

A good sleeping bag such as this one from Amazon will make your experience sleeping in a small car much better compared to relying on blankets for warmth during cold nights or cold seasons.

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  1. Get a flight pillow

A flight pillow will really help you sleep comfortably, especially if you are sleeping in the passenger seat.

I use this neck pillow for better comfort when I’m taking a short nap.

  1. You can get a good boot tent

A boot tent/ tailgate tent comes in handy whenever I need more space when sleeping in my small car.

The tent is great because you can close it up (zip it up) during the night and still get some bit of movement freedom.

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  1. Buy wind deflectors/wind guards for the windows.

Wind deflectors are important, especially when you want to slightly open the windows for air circulation. Additionally, they have other great benefits like in case it starts to rain, they effectively block the rain drops from getting in the car.

In Conclusion, sleeping in a small car is possible but is not 100% comfortable if you are sleeping in an awkward position, or if the car gets very humid and sweaty due to lack of good air circulation.

However, with the above tips in mind, you are sure to enjoy a comfortable sleep in your small car.

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