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Is 4Runner Comfortable On A Long Road Trip?

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Last Updated on January 29, 2024 by Rose Morah

Do you enjoy driving long distances in the 4Runner?

I see this question over and over from people who are curious to know whether the 4runner is comfortable for long road trips and how it performs.

To help tackle the question, this article is going to cover the following:

  • Road noise when driving a 4Runner.
  • How comfortable is it to drive the 4Runner on a long road trip
  • 4Runner’s performance when driving for a long duration

NOTE: The information provided in this article is based on our experiences and feedback from other 4Runner owners.

Road noise: What to expect when driving a 4Runner

The 4Runner is not the best when it comes to road noise.

However, driving the newer 4Runner generation is much better, in terms of road noise, than the older generation, especially the 3rd generation.

But this also depends on an individual.

For instance, people who previously owned vehicles that have lots of road noise may find the 4Runner much quieter.

On the other hand, if you are used to a quieter ride, then the 4Runner road noise may be a lot for you.

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How comfortable is it to drive the 4Runner on a long road trip?

The 4Runner comfort on a long trip is entirely subjective. This is because you may sit in the car and feel comfortable but someone else will find it extremely uncomfortable.

However, there are some key things that most 4Runner owners complain about when it comes to comfort when driving on a long road trip.

The following are the common issues that most 4Runner owners complain about when it comes to comfort:

1. Finding a good sitting position can be a challenge

Most 4Runner owners who are tall (from about  6’2” to 6’5″) and have long legs struggle to find a good sitting position.

Most of them are sometimes left with soreness, especially on the hip and right knee after driving the 4Runner on a long road trip.

On the other hand, 4Runner owners who are about 6’0” report feeling very comfortable when driving on long road trips.

My Recommendation

The following are two proven ways to help with the uncomfortable sitting position:

  1. Install front seat jackers

The front seat jackers help provide good leg support without impacting your headroom when driving the 4Runner on long road trips.

This means that you will not struggle to find a comfortable sitting position when driving for long hours.

  1. Stretch during your long drives

Getting out to stretch during long drives could help prevent the soreness that comes from sitting in an uncomfortable position when driving for long hours.

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2. The type of terrain

Where you are driving your car also affects how comfortable you feel when driving for a long duration. 

However, most 4Runner owners have reported an increase in ride quality with KDSS and after installing great tires.

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4Runner’s performance when driving for a long time

4Runner drives well on the highway and has great balance and on-road handling, but overall it is great for off-road long-distance travel.

All the 4Runner generations including the older generations like the legendary 3rd generation perform very well when driving on off-roads.

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Final verdict

4Runner would be a great choice for people who are looking for a vehicle that can go on Overlanding/off-roading and one that gets them from one place to another, including on highway driving.

From my own point of view, 4Runner may not be great for people who only want a vehicle for highway driving for driving it to and from work, using it to run errands and e.t.c. with no off-road/Overlanding in mind.

So, is 4runner comfortable for a long road trip? 

That depends on what you drove before getting the 4Runner.

 For instance, if you drove a luxury car or a pretty low and quiet car, then you will definitely notice the difference in comfort, especially when driving for an extended duration.

Lastly, on the countless road trips that I have gone with a 4Runner, it has always made me feel safe and confident on the roads.

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