8 Must-Have Hi-Lift Jack Accessories

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Last Updated on October 23, 2022 by Rose Morah

In this article, we will be discussing eight must-have Hi-Lift jack accessories.

These accessories make the Hi-Lift jack a more versatile tool. 

But first, Hi-Lift Jack has got so many uses. The following are some of its main uses, especially when off-roading:

  • You can use it when changing a tire.
  • It is perfect for lifting the vehicle high off the ground so you can do some repairs.
  • You can use it as an alternative when you are stuck (off-road recovery). 
  • Winching.

1. Hi-Lift Running Gear Jack Cover


I recommend having a Hi-Lift Jack cover mainly because of the following reasons;

  • Since a Hi-Lift jack needs to be well lubricated before using it, it is important to have a Hi-Lift running gear jack cover to help prevent dirt from sticking onto the lube on the jack which sorts of gums it up.
  • The cover also does a good job of keeping the moving parts dry and clean because they are well protected from grime and mud.

I recommend this Hi-Lift jack cover mainly because it fits perfectly on all Hi-lift jacks models, has great quality material, and does the job perfectly.

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2. Lift-Mate


A lift-mate is a must-have accessory when going on an off-road road trip because it really makes things easy for you when you get stuck. 

A Lift-Mate helps you lift the wheel off the ground using the Hi-Lift jack to allow you to put something under the wheel (e.g plywood) for recovery when you are stuck.

Other reasons why Lift-Mate is a must-have accessory:

  • Apart from helping you change the tires, you can use it as an attachment on many other things like pulling fence posts off the ground and so on. It is definitely a valuable tool when attached to the jack.
  • Most off-road drivers use it as safety gear. This is because the Hi-Jack can be unstable at times and hence unsafe. However, with this tool, you lift your vehicle with confidence.

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3. Off-Road Base


When using a Hi-Lift jack on a soft surface such as soft mud or sand, you will need a good base to prevent it from sinking down to the ground.

Therefore instead of using a piece of wood as a base when using a Hi-Jack (which ends up disappearing into the ground or the jack slipping) I highly recommend getting an off-road base as a much safer alternative.

The Hi-Lift jack base will effectively help prevent the Hi-Jack from sinking down the ground.

Why do I recommend the off-road base?

It is thicker and much bigger, thus helping stabilize the foot of the jack while working.

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4. Tree Saver Recovery Strap 


The tree-saver recovery strap is a Hi-Lift accessory that you should never miss in your recovery gear bag.

It has helped me on countless occasions on off-road trips when I needed to pull the truck out of a ditch through the vehicle’s rear axle.

It is definitely an excellent tool for recovery and winching when used with the Hi-Lift jack.

What’s more to love about this tool?

  • Most of them come with reflective loops meant to provide an easier nighttime recovery because the strap will reflect (“shine”) to help you see the connecting points.
  • The tree-saver recovery strap is multipurpose. It has so many uses.

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5. Handle Keeper

A handle keeper is another great accessory that helps ensure that the jack’s handle stays perfectly in place when not in use. 

You will certainly find it extremely helpful, especially if you have installed the Hi-Lift jack onto the side of the truck, or on the truck bed when driving off-road. 

This is because it keeps the handle from rattling when driving. Additionally, it helps prevent the rubbing or friction between the jack and the body of the track.

  • Seven Sparta Handle Keepers.


  • Hi-Lift Handle Keeper.


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6. Stainless Steel Jack Handle Keeper 


The stainless steel jack handle keeper works the same way as the one above.

However, the stainless steel handle keeper is designed to last much longer and it is great for heavy-duty purposes.

It does not crack or split like most handle keepers.

Note: You can also secure your Hi-Jack handle with a lock to help prevent it from getting stolen.

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7. Adjustable Jack Tube Mount Bracket System

This tool is used to securely mount the Hi-Lift jack to the roof rack, tube bumpers, and so on.

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8. Hi-Lift Jack Off-Road Kit


Instead of separately buying different winching tools to use with your hi-lift jack, you can go for a complete kit that will have the following tools:

  • Custom nose attachment.
  • 8-foot tree saver trap.
  • Winch tensioner.
  • Other necessary gear, and a storage bag.

All these will certainly convert your jack into a more versatile tool.

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