Purchasing a Local SIM Card in Albania-Travelers guide

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Albania has three local SIM cards, which are Vodafone Albania, One, and ALBtelecom.

Vodafone Albania is the leading mobile network operator in Albania. Although it has the best coverage in the country, it is also the most expensive compared to its competitors. 

Where can you purchase a local SIM card in Albania?

  • You can purchase immediately after you land at the airport.
  • You can also buy from plenty of shops in town and around the country.

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Foreigners SIM card registration in Albania

Foreigners will have to present their passports and a local address (where they will be staying). 

Note: Albania is not a member of the EU. Therefore, “Roam Like Home” does not apply.

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Let’s dive more into the local Albania SIM cards.

Vodafone Albania

Buying a new Vodafone Albania SIM card will cost you around 800 Lekë. The sim comes with 500 free SMS and 00 Lekë initial communication time.

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Let’s take a look at its data feature package:

GigaMax15 GB1 day500 min/100 SMS1500 Lekë
10 Ditore1.5 GB10 days300 min/30 SMS700 Lekë
3 Ditore300 MB3 days300 min/30 SMS300 Lekë
Basic50 MB30 days50 min/50 SMS500 Lekë
Talk200 MB200min/200 SMS800 Lekë
Start300 MB300min/300 SMS1000 Lekë
Combo2 GB2000/200 SMS1200 Lekë
Go3 GB30 days2,500min/200 SMS1500 Lekë
Z5.5 GB30 days400min/400 SMS1500 Lekë
Silver5.5 GB2500min/300 SMS1500 Lekë
Run8 GB3000min/500 SMS2000 Lekë
Gold12 GB3500min/400 SMS2200 Lekë
Fly18 GB3500min/400 SMS2500 Lekë

To activate these plans, you will need to dial #123#

For data-only sim cards, they have these offers:

Ditore100 MB1 day60 Lekë
Javore1 GB7 days300 Lekë
Mujore1 GB30 days500 Lekë
3 GB30 days1000 Lekë

However, travelers can opt for a tourist plan. Vodafone Tourist plan offers the following:

Vodafone Tourist Plan1300 Lekë (10 €)10GB
500 dom. Min 100 dom. & internatl. 
SMS 10 IDD mins. (valid for 14 days)

Traveling to Albania and not sure if you should use Albania’s local SIM card, your home SIM card, or an international SIM card? Be sure to check out our guide on choosing the best SIM card when traveling.

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One SIM Card

One SIM cards are affordable, and their SIM cards also come in different sizes.

PackageDataTime Voice/TextsPrice
Ditore350 MB1 day50 mins/150 SMS150 Lekë
Javore1 GB7 days300 mins/300 SMS500 Lekë
AI15 GB21 days500 mins/50 SMS1500 Lekë
Basic50 MB30 days50 mins/50 SMS500 Lekë
Small200 MB 30 days 200 mins/400 SMS800 Lekë
Medium2 GB 30 days 2500 mins/300 SMS1200 Lekë
More4 GB 30 days 3000 mins/300 SMS1300 Lekë
Large5 GB 30 days 3000 mins/400 SMS1400 Lekë
EB5 GB 30 days 400 mins/400 SMS1400 Lekë
Advance9 GB 30 days 3000 mins/400 SMS1500 Lekë
XLarge10 GB 30 days 3500 mins/500 SMS2000 Lekë
Pro19 GB 30 days 3500 mins/500 SMS2000 Lekë
Ditore500 MB1 day150 Lekë
Javore1 GB7 days300 Lekë
Mujore1.5 GB30 days500 Lekë
4.5 GB1000 Lekë

Travelers may opt for a tourist plan. One Tourist plan offers the following:

Tourist Plan1500 Lekë15GB
5 GB for social media, WhatsApp, and Viber 
500 dom. Min / 10 internal. Min
100 dom./internatl. SMS all valid for 21 days


PackageDataTimedom. Voice/TextsPriceActivation
Ditore250 MB24 hours150 mins/150 SMS150 LekëCP1
Javore1 GB7 days300 mins/300 SMS300 LekëCP7
Super 50050 MB30 days50 mins/50 SMS500 LekëP500
Super 700300 MB30 days200 mins/500 SMS700 LekëP700
Super 11003.5 GB30 days2500 mins/500 SMS1100 LekëP1100
Super 13006 GB30 days3000 mins/600 SMS1300 LekëP1300
GigaStike10 GB30 days600 mins/600 SMS1300 LekëG1300
Super 190016 GB30 days3500 mins/600 SMS1900 LekëP1900

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