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Purchasing a Local SIM Card in Belgium – Travelers Guide

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Last Updated on October 28, 2022 by Rose Morah

Belgium has three local SIM cards: Proximus, Orange, and Base

Proximus has the best network coverage for most parts of Belgium, while Orange operates well in northern Belgium. Base, on the other hand, has good coverage all around the country.

SIM card registration in Belgium for foreigners

Note: If you’re planning to use Belgium’s local SIM card, then be sure to have the following as per the Belgium rules and regulations:

(For a newly bought SIM card, you will need to register it. So, you’ll need to carry your ID/Passport)

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  1. Purchasing in an independent shop (not recommended)

When purchasing the local SIM card in an independent shop, you will need to present your passport, which is scanned, and the data is then transmitted to the operator.

However, I do not recommend this option.


Because this registration process may take up to a week before your local SIM is activated.

  1. Purchasing at the operator’s shop (Best option)

For SIM card registration, you only need to present a valid ID.

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Let’s dive more into the local SIM cards.

Proximus – Pay&Go

This SIM card can be purchased in Proximus stores and other points of sale

Pay & Go+€ 20 start-up fee € 0.50 per MB
Dial #152# to check the remaining balance

unlimited domestic texts (Whenever you top up)

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Orange SIM cards are available free of charge when purchased at Orange centers. However, you will have to top up right away.

Orange has got two Tempo plans:

  • Tempo-Easy
  • Tempo-Giga

Orange (Tempo plan) Data Packages

TOP-UP  (Valid 1 year)TEMPO-EASY (Valid 30 days)TEMPO-GIGA  (Valid 30 days)
€ 50.10 /MB (Default Rate)0.50 /MB (Default Rate)
€ 10100 MB, 100 mins, or 100 SMS 
€ 15150 MB, 150 mins, or 150 SMS 
€ 20200 MB, 200 mins, or 200 SMS 
€ 21 GB for 24 hours1 GB for 24 hours
€ 6500 MB for 31 days500 MB for 31 days
€ 101 GB for 31 days1 GB for 31 days

N/B: For top-ups, foreigners can only top-up via vouchers since Orange does not allow the use of debit/credit cards by non-Belgians


Base has a prepaid product called B-prepaid+, which is sold in the Base shops store locator

You can buy it for a price of €5 online and will be sent only to a Belgium postal address or purchase it at a physical store for €15.

Base SIM card registration is done at the Base store.

Data packs for B-prepaid+

B-prepaid+PriceDataActivation(text code to 1914)
Surf & Mail 5€ 5100 MB for 30 days‘SURF5’
Surf & Mail 10€ 102 GB for 30 days‘SURF10’

(Unlimited Base or 40 all-net mins, 250 SMS)

€ 10 top-up

500 MB (1 GB online) data as a bonus

Check Data balance dial *444#
(Unlimited Base or 60 all-net mins, 1000 SMS)€ 15 top-up1 GB (4 GB online) as bonusCheck Data balance dial *444#
(Unlimited Base or 100 all-net mins, 5000 SMS)€ 25 top-up2.5 GB (8 GB online) as bonusCheck Data balance dial *444#

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