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Difference Between Lexus RX and NX (Which Is Better?)

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Last Updated on January 30, 2023 by Rose Morah

In case you are wondering what’s the difference between Lexus RX and NX, or which one is better, we are going to cover the difference between the two in terms of:

  • Gas mileage
  • Cargo and interior space
  • The driving experience and best features
  • The price difference between the two models
  • And who should buy each of the models

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The difference between RX and NX’s gas mileage

Based on feedback from Lexus RX and NX owner, NX 350h owners reported getting better gas mileage than the Lexus RX 350 owners.

Most Lexus NX 350h owners reported getting an average of 38mpg to 40mpg while RX 350 owners reported an average of ~25mpg. 

However, you should note that mpg is also affected by driving habits and other factors. 

For example, some NX owners reported getting about 49mpg when not driving on the highway, and about 24mpg when driving at high speeds of 75 to 80mph on the highway.

Generally, most Lexus NX 350h owners have managed to save more on gas costs than the RX owners!

Cargo and interior space of the Lexus RX and NX

When comparing the cargo space, headroom, and legroom of both the RX and NX models, RX definitely wins by far.

NX has a decent cargo space depending on your needs, but if you are looking for more space, then you can never go wrong with RX.

When it comes to the headroom and legroom, I personally find the NX to be pretty tight compared to the RX considering that I am a 6’3 ft. However, people who are 5’9 ft will appreciate the legroom and headroom of the NX.

(NOTE: This review is for the newer generation NX and RX. The older generation might be different).

The driving experience and best features of the RX and NX

Again, RX wins when it comes to comfort, build and ride quality.

Most RX owners who have previously owned the NX mentioned that the RX drives amazingly well and the ride is pretty smooth compared to the NX.

From experience, I 100% agree with this also because the RX handled country roads very well without issues and has more power than the NX Lexus model.

However, when driving in the city you will enjoy driving the NX hybrid model because it is more nimble in traffic. Additionally, when it comes to parking, it is so much easier to park because of its size.

Generally, I love the quiet ride of the two Lexus models (RX and NX) and the fact that they all have great features to choose from like the drive assist which makes driving effortless, wireless CarPlay, better safety features, touch screen, and mousepad depending on the model.

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The price difference between the NX and RX Lexus models

The RX model is more expensive compared to the NX.

Personally, I feel like the price difference between the two models makes sense because of the features, ride quality, comfortability, and cargo space that they all have to offer. 

Who should buy the UX and NX Lexus models?

RX and NX Lexus models are quite different.

RX is a different size class from NX and I would recommend it to buyers who value more space and a better driving experience over everything else.

On the other hand, I would recommend NX hybrid to car buyers who don’t really care that much about space but care more about saving gas costs.

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Final Word

The newer generations of the NX and RX are much better and improved in terms of interior design.

These Lexus models are great for car buyers who are looking for comfort and a bit of luxury but not those who value performance over everything else in the car.

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