What’s So Special About Palm Springs Vacation

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Palm Springs will get you lost in its beauty. Whether you are looking to relax or explore the city, this is the place to be.

What’s so special about palm springs?

Palm Springs Aerial Tramway. Palm Springs boasts of its world’s largest rotating aerial tramcars, which take you about 5,800 feet up and into the mountains on 8 to 10-minute rides.

What's So Special About Palm Springs - aerial tramway
Mfield, Matthew Field,, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

This is not the only unique thing about palm springs. There’s a lot about palm springs that will draw some oohs and aahs when you visit the place.

Palm Springs is also known for:

  • Its natural wildlife habitat. Some of the animals you’ll expect to find here includes the cheetahs, zebras, ostriches, snakes, hedgehogs, and not to forget the genuine nature’s finest works of art, aka the beautiful giraffes! Palm springs has tourists flocking there just to see the Purple tongue giraffes.
  • More than 100 golf courses.
  • Its nique, and fantastic boutique hotels. 
  • Great breathtaking hikes such as The Palm Springs Indian Canyon. Although from experience, I would suggest going for these hikes in winter when the average temperatures are about 18°C. In summer, temperatures may be very high, up to about 100 degrees which may be uncomfortable.

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Why is palm springs so famous?

Travel like the pros- Tripversed

Apart from the Arial Tram to San Jacinto Peak, the beautiful landscapes/scenery, and warm temperatures, palm springs is also famous for its great nightlife and Joshua Tree National Monument.

What's So Special About Palm Springs -Joshua Tree National Monument
Joshua Tree, CA, USA

Most people planning a vacation to Palm springs don’t know the difference between Palm Springs and Palm Desert. 

Palm Desert is more of a commercial area as compared to Palm Springs. It has more restaurants, country clubs and resorts, and shopping boutiques, etc. 

Additionally, Palm Desert is more expensive than Palm Springs. Palm Springs is more tourist-oriented because it has a plethora of history that you may like to explore. 

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Is Palm Desert nicer than Palm Springs?

It depends on what type of vacation experience you are looking to have. The following table will give you a direct comparison of the two to help you decide.

Palm Springs VS. Palm Desert

Palm SpringsPalm Desert
1.Trendy boutique hotels.Great for a family vacation.
2.Fewer golf courses.Many golf courses for avid golfers.
3.Museums and art galleries.
4.You don’t need to spend extra cash on transport – It is easy to get around (somewhat walkable)You will need a car to move around.
5. Outdoor local market (Thursdays) shop for vintage.Lots of upscale restaurants and luxury boutiques.
6. The airport is located in Palm Springs.Tons of movie theatres. 
7.Great for photography.Great for local experience

These are the things to do in the greater Palm Springs area.

From experience, I would suggest you find out the hottest and the coldest month in Palm Desert for better vacation experiences when planning your vacation.

For instance, if you don’t enjoy high temperatures, traveling in the hottest months would make your vacation miserable. On the other hand, if you are running away from the cold, you wouldn’t want to travel to Palm Desert during this season. (Although it is usually not that cold)

I also highly recommend taking a guided tour, especially if you’re visiting for the first time. I use GetYourGuide when I want to uncover new things to do in my favorite destinations. They’re easy to use and book with, and I’ve explored the best of my destinations with their tours.

So, what is the best time to visit Palm Springs?

What's So Special About Palm Springs
Palm springs

The best time of the year to visit Palm Springs is mainly from December to April. This is because the weather is favorable during this time of the year. However, be prepared to spend more on hotels, air flights, and so on (peak season)

But other than that, these are the best months to visit Palm Springs if you are an outdoor person. 

What is the worst month to visit Palm Springs?

August would be the worst month to visit Palm Springs as far as the weather is concerned. This is generally the hottest month of the year, with average temperatures of 79°F (26.15°C)

Generally, summers are usually sweltering (from May to September). However, if you best enjoy your vacations after dark, you will have a great time before the sun shines again or when the sun goes down. 

And if on a budget and have little time to enjoy your vacation, then when booking a flight to Palm Springs, I suggest that you consider airport alternatives to your destination. Why? Because this will significantly help to save time and save money in the process. 

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So, this leaves us with one question, which airport is closest to palm springs?

Which airport is closest to palm springs?

Palm Springs International Airport is the closest airport to palm springs. However, depending on your preferences, there are other alternative airports. The table below shows the alternative airports and the time estimate it will take you to get to Palm Springs.

Airport AlternativesThe time it takes to drive to Palm Springs
Ontario International Airport 1 hour 20-minute drive
John Wayne Airport (Orange County)1 hour 35-minute drive
Los Angeles International Airport 2-hour drive
San Diego International Airport2 hour 20-minute drive
Las Vegas McCarran International Airport 4-hour drive
Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport 4-hour drive
time estimate when driving
Palm springs

If you plan on going on a road trip to Palm Springs, the table below shows the time estimate when driving from the major cities.

CityDriving Time
San Diego2 hours 20 minutes
Las Vegas, Nevada  4 hours
Anaheim  1 hour 45 minutes
San Bernardino  1 hour
Newport Beach 1 hour 45 minutes
Riverside  1 hour
Phoenix/Scottsdale, Arizona  4 hours
Los Angeles  2 hours

Which is the best area to book a hotel in Palm Spring?

The best area is on Palm Canyon Drive, which is the main street. This is the home of the best hotels in the city. The place is packed with Luxury restaurants, boutiques, bars, and clubs.

palm canyon drive
Palm Canyon Drive
Visitor7, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Just be sure to carry enough cash with you. It is also a great place for nightlife.

And if you’re wondering where the Kardashians stay in Palm Springs. Well, I don’t have an answer for that, but I can guarantee you that you’ll come across more celebrities at Palm Streets than you would expect.

That’s it for me, safe travels!

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