Where to Buy a Japan Rail Pass (A Tourist Guide)

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Last Updated on July 29, 2022 by Rose Morah

You can buy a Japan rail pass online, at a JR designated sales office or overseas agent, or at a ticket office in Japan. 

Before we dive deeper into the places where you can purchase a Japan rail pass, it is essential to note that:

  • The Japan Rail Pass cannot be used when traveling between the Central Japan Airport and the nearest JR Stations.
  • The Central Japan Airport does not have a JR Station.

1. Where to purchase a Japan rail pass online

Visit their official website. You will need to log in or create a new account.

Here are the main requirements when buying Japan rail pass online

  • You will need to enter your email address, user’s name, and passport number.
  • The website’s business hours are from 4. am to 11.30 pm (Japan Local Time UTC+9:00).
  • You are only allowed to purchase the Japan rail pass online but through a Credit card. Find more detail here.

2. Where to buy a Japan rail pass at a JR designated sales office or overseas agent

JR designated sales offices can be found all around the world, no matter where you are from.

Here is a list of places where you can find JR designated sales office agents. Note that if you don’t find your state in this list, you can visit their official page here to get the complete list, including the address.

AtlantaJTB Corp.’s authorized, travel agents
TEL 1-800-223-6104
ChicagoJTB Corp.’s authorized, travel agents
TEL 1-800-223-6104
Kintetsu International Express (U.S.A.) TEL (800) 654-4090
Los AngelesJTB Corp.’s authorized, travel agents
TEL 1-800-223-6104
KNT-CT Holdings (kintetsu international)TEL (800) 843-6403
New YorkKNT-CT Holdings (kintetsu international) TEL (800) 422-3481
Nippon Express Travel USA,Inc.TEL (212) 319-9021
TOBU TOP TOURS’s authorized, travel agentsTEL 808-923-0400
New JerseyKNT-CT Holdings (kintetsu international)TEL (800) 422-3481
Nippon Travel Agency’s authorized, travel agentsTEL 310-630-0898
HawaiKNT-CT Holdings (kintetsu international)TEL (808) 922-4447
” “TEL (808) 983-3373
” ” TEL (808) 526-2266
BostonKNT-CT Holdings (kintetsu international)TEL (617) 247-6373
Las VegasKNT-CT Holdings (kintetsu international)TEL (702)-798-4210
San Francisco Nippon Travel Agency’s authorized, travel agents TEL 310-630-0898
FloridaTOBU TOP TOURS’s authorized, travel agentsTEL 1-877-489-4223
SeattleTOBU TOP TOURS’s authorized, travel agentsTEL 1-877-489-4223
Check the Japan Rail Pass official website for the most recent updates

Click on the continents below to get JR designated sales office or overseas agent:

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3. Where to buy JR Rail Pass at a ticket office in Japan 

There are many different locations where travelers can easily purchase JR Rail Pass in Japan. The following is a list of JR Rail pass ticket sales offices, pick-up locations, and exchange locations in Japan.

StationPick-up locations/Exchange locations/Sales officesService Hours/Holidays
Mon- FriSat, Sun & Hols
AsahikawaJR Ticket Counter9:30-17:30
AomoriTravel Service Center10:00-17:30 (Mon-Sat) / Closed on Sundays and national holidays
AkitaJR EAST Travel Service Center Akita9:30-17:30
Central JapanInternationalAirport ※Central Japan Travel Center9:00-19:00
ObihiroJR Ticket Counter9:00-17:00
SapporoJR Information Desk8:30-19:00
New Chitose AirportJR Information Desk8:30-19:00
HakodateJR Ticket Counter for rail pass10:00-12:30, 13:30-18:00
Shin-Hakodate-HokutoJR Ticket Counter9:00-19:00
MoriokaTravel Service Center10:00-18:30
SendaiTravel Service Center8:30-19:00 (Mon-Sat)8:30-18:00 (Sun & Hols)
FukushimaTravel Service Center10:00-18:00(Mon-Sat)Closed on Sundays and national holidays
NiigataTravel Service Center10:00-17:00
NaganoTravel Service Center10:00-19:00
Narita AirportTerminal 1JR EAST Travel Service Center8:15-19:00
Ticket Office6:30-8:15, 19:00-21:45
Narita AirportTerminal 2・3JR EAST Travel Service Center8:15-20:00
Ticket Office6:30-8:15, 20:00-21:45
TokyoJR EAST Travel Service Center (JAPAN RAIL CAFE)8:00-16:00
JR EAST Travel Service Center7:30-20:30
JR-CENTRAL Ticket Office (Yaesu Central)7:30-20:30
JR-CENTRAL Ticket Office (Yaesu North)9:00-19:00
JR Tokai Tours Tokyo Office8:00-20:00
UenoJR EAST Travel Service Center8:30-19:00
ShinjukuJR EAST Travel Service Center (New South Gate)8:00-19:00
JR EAST Travel Service Center (East Gate)9:00-19:009:00-18:00
ShibuyaJR EAST Travel Service Center10:00-18:30
IkebukuroJR EAST Travel Service Center9:00-19:00
HamamatsuchoJR EAST Travel Service Center8:00-15:30
ShinagawaJR EAST Travel Service Center9:00-19:00
JR-CENTRAL Ticket Office9:00-19:00
JR Tokai Tours Shinagawa Office8:00-20:008:30-18:00
Haneda Airport Terminal 3 StationJR EAST Travel Service Center(Tokyo Monorail 2F Ticket Gate/Arrival lobby)6:45-20:00
KawasakiJR EAST Travel Service Center Kawasaki10:00-17:00
Kagoshima-ChūōTravel Service Center10:00-18:00 (Except Thu)
Ticket Office10:00-18:00 (Thu)
KanazawaTicket Office (Central)7:00-21:00
Nippon Travel Agency TiS Kanazawa Branch11:00-19:0010:30-18:30
KyotoTicket Office (JR-WEST Central)6:30-21:00
Ticket Office (JR-WEST Central)※Available only at the overseas customer counter.8:00-20:00
HamamatsuTicket Office8:00-20:30
JR Tokai Tours Hamamatsu Office9:30-18:30(Mon-Fri)9:30-18:00(Sat)10:00-18:00 (Sun & Hols)
NagoyaJAPAN RAIL PASS Exchange Office10:00-19:00
Ticket Office6:00-10:00, 19:00-23:00
JR Tokai Tours Nagoya Office8:00-20:00
JR Tokai Tours Nagoya Station Hirokoji Entrance Office7:30-20:008:00-18:00
ToyamaTicket Office (Central)7:00-21:30
Ticket Office (JR-CENTRAL Hachijo Shinkansen)8:30-23:00
JR Tokai Tours Kyoto Office8:00-20:00
JR Tokai Tours Kyoto Station Shinkansen Central Entrance Office9:30-19:009:30-18:00
Nippon Travel Agency TiS Kyoto Branch11:00-19:00
Higashi-MaizuruTicket Office8:00-19:00
Shin-OsakaTravel Service Center SHIN-OSAKA8:00-22:00
Ticket Office (JR-WEST East)6:00-22:00
Ticket Office (JR-CENTRAL Central)5:30-23:00
Nippon Travel Agency TiS Shin-Osaka Branch7:00-20:307:00-20:00
JR Tokai Tours Shin-Osaka Office6:00-20:306:00-19:00
OsakaTicket Office (Central NO.12,13)6:00-22:00
Nippon Travel Agency TiS Osaka Branch (Travel Service Center OSAKA)8:00-20:00
Kansai AirportTicket Office5:30-23:00
NaraTicket Office9:00-20:00
SannomiyaTicket Office (Central)5:30-23:00
Nippon Travel Agency TiS Sannomiya Branch10:30-19:30(Mon-Fri)10:30-19:00(Sat)10:30-18:30(Sun & Hols)
OkayamaTicket Office8:00-20:00
Nippon Travel Agency TiS Okayama Branch10:30-18:30 (Mon-Sat)10:00-18:00 (Sun & Hols)
TottoriTicket Office6:00-21:00
MatsueTicket Office7:00-19:00
HiroshimaTicket Office5:30-23:00
SakaiminatoTicket Office8:00-18:30
Shin-YamaguchiTicket Office5:30-23:00
ShimonosekiTicket Office7:00-11:00, 15:00-19:00
SagaTravel Service Center10:30-18:00
Ticket Office10:30-18:00(Sun & Hols)
MatsuyamaTravel Service Center10:00-18:00
TokushimaTravel Service Center10:00-18:00
KokuraTicket Office10:30-18:00
HakataJR-KYUSHU Ticket Office7:00-22:00
NagasakiTicket Office10:00-17:30
KumamotoTicket Office11:00-18:00
OitaTicket Office10:00-18:00
MiyazakiTicket Office10:30-18:00
YamagataTravel Service Center10:00-17:30 / Closed on Sundays, Mondays, & national holidays
YonagoTicket Office6:00-21:30
YokohamaTravel Service Center10:00-19:00
Japan Rail Pass Stations

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Is the Japan Rail Pass worth it?

Yes. Not only is it the best when you want to see the country, but it is also a bucket list experience.

And well, apart from that, if you plan on touring more than one city in Japan, then the JR rail pass will help you save a lot on transport.

However, JR Rail Pass is not worthwhile if:

  • Your trip to Japan covers mostly the remote parts of the country.
  • Your Japan itinerary includes spending several days in only one area. For instance, let’s say you’re planning on going on a hike. This is because the pass will only be used for consecutive days.
  • You are visiting cities that are close to each other on your Japan itinerary (for example Osaka and Kyoto). It would be cheaper to use other means of transportation.

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