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Purchasing a local SIM card in Bulgaria

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Last Updated on October 28, 2022 by Rose Morah

Bulgaria has three local SIM cards; A1 Bulgaria, Telenor, and Vivacom.

The three local SIM cards have good 2G and 3G network coverage. But Telenor has the weakest 4G network coverage compared to A1 and Vivacom.

The local SIM cards in Bulgaria are cheap but their data package is quite small.

Where can you purchase a local SIM card in Bulgaria?

  • You can purchase it immediately after landing at the airport.
  • At the local service providers’ shops.
  • At the supermarkets.

SIM card registration for foreigners

When acquiring a local SIM card:

  • You will need to present your passport. 
  • You are only limited to acquiring only a maximum of 10 SIM cards.


Let’s dive more into the local Bulgarian SIM cards.

A1 Bulgaria

(Expires in 396 days after the last top-up)
А1 Ваканция Плюс (A1 Vacation Plus)6 BGN1.5 GB 30 mins to 50 countries
А1 Комфорт Макс (A1 Comfort Max)8 BGN4 GB (Valid for 14 days)200 domestic minutes
А1 Комфорт Giga (A1 Comfort Giga)10 BGN6 GB data (Valid for 14 days)300 domestic minutes

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The following data packages can top up all the above A1 plans:

DataVoice (mins)PriceActivation
300 MB
(30 days)
2.99 BGND2
1.5 GB
(30 days)
9.99 BGND3
1 GB
(15 days)
100 onnet, 100 offnet5.99 BGNC3
2 GB
(30 days)
300 onnet, 150 offnet14.99 BGNC4

It’s also worth noting that, if you won’t be making calls or texting while in Bulgaria, you can alternatively choose an A1 data-only SIM, known as A1 Prepaid Mobile Internet.

The A1 Prepaid Mobile Internet has the following offers:

PRICEDATA (Valid for 30 days)
15 BGN15 GB
25 BGN30 GB
40 BGN50 GB data 

If you’re traveling to Bulgaria and not sure if you should use the local, international, or your home SIM card, read our guide on how to choose the best SIM card when traveling.


8 BGN(include 3 BGN credit)4 GB data100 mins to all networks, and 200 mins to Telenor
10 BGN(include 3 BGN credit)6 GB 100 mins to all networks, and300 mins to Telenor

Telenor data packs available for the prepaid plans include:

150 MB
(1 day)
2.49 BGN*123*3*1#
1.5 GB
(7 days)
4.99 BGN*123*3*8#
3.5 GB
(30 days)
9.99 BGN*123*3*3#
7 GB
(30 days)
14.99 BGN*123*3*4#
15 GB
(30 days)
19.99 BGN*123*3*7#

Telenor also has 2 data-only SIM cards that offer the following:

Mobile Internet 1515 BGN15 GB (Valid for 15 days)
Mobile Internet 3030 BGN30 GB (Valid for 30 days)

Alternatively, travelers visiting Bulgaria can choose Telenor Tourist SIM, which has better data offers than the ones above.

6 BGN4 GB data30 mins to all EU destinations, Israel, Belarus, Bosnia, Moldova, Georgia, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Macedonia, Montenegro, Russia, and Ukraine

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