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Read This Before Renting A Car In Ireland (For Tourists)

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Last Updated on June 27, 2022 by Rose Morah

If you’re visiting Ireland, you probably may be wondering if you should rent a car or not.

To help you decide, we are going to cover the following:

  • Is it worth renting a car in Ireland?
  • Tips for renting a car in Ireland
  • Renting a car in Ireland without a credit card

Is it worth renting a car in Ireland?

For some reason, I found out that renting a car in Ireland was more expensive than in most other destinations. 

Additionally, renting a car in Ireland in 2022 has been insanely expensive than in other years. The rates have not gotten better even during the off-season, compared to the previous years.

For instance, this year (2022) the car rental price during the Easter week was crazy expensive in Ireland.

If your travel is mostly going to be outside the main cities, then you will need to rent a car because it will be a more convenient option.

However, if you will just be traveling around the main cities, then you will not need to rent a car because there is good public transportation in Ireland. 

For example, the easiest way to get around Ireland, especially if you are going to be in Dublin is through the following public means:

  1. DART (Dublin Area Rapid Transit)

This is an electric rail system. It is an easy and quick way of getting around Dublin.

  1. Luas 

Luas is a light rail system/tram that you can use to move around Dublin.

  1. Buses and trains

I loved the fact that buses in Ireland were fast and frequent. I also found trains convenient when traveling outside the main cities.

You will be surprised that you can actually go up to even 2 weeks without ever needing a rental car.


Public transportation is very good in most parts of Europe. 

However, if you will be going to use it, I would recommend you get a comfortable pair of walking shoes because you will be walking more compared to when you rent a car.


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Tips for renting a car in Ireland

1. Book in advance

Book in advance, especially if you will be traveling during the high-peak season. 

This is because if you book when there are only a limited number of vehicles available(high-peak season), then you will pay more than what you would have paid if you had booked early.

2. Use car-sharing companies to rent a car when traveling to Ireland

I found out that car-sharing companies were offering better rates than car rentals in Ireland. 

A good example of a car-sharing company in Ireland is GoCar.

You can use it to compare their prices with other rental car companies. It is truly a gem!

What to know if you decide to use GoCar;

  • You may need to set up your account in advance because it might take time (like a day or 2) for you to get approved.
  • Their rates are usually flat (the same) all year round.

Another alternative great to GoCar is

3. It is normally cheaper to rent vans in Ireland

Renting a van can be so much cheaper. However, I would recommend that you make sure that you don’t get a massive van that will be challenging to park.

I remember during my visit to Ireland, I got good rental rates with Value Van Rental.

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4. If you can’t drive a manual car, don’t forget to reserve an automatic car

Though manual vehicles are cheaper to rent than automatic vehicles in Ireland, the price difference is not that much.

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Renting a car in Ireland without a credit card

If you don’t plan to use your credit card while in Ireland, I highly recommend checking ahead before traveling if the car rental company you will be using accepts other forms of payment, such as a debit card.

I found out that most rental companies in Ireland don’t accept payments via debit cards.

Some will even refuse to rent you a car if you are not paying with a credit card.

So, it is important to find out more about that beforehand to avoid surprises. 

All the best!

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