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7 Important Factors To Consider Before Choosing A Rental Car

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There are a few things that you need to consider before choosing a rental car.

This article will discuss several factors that you will need to consider when choosing a rental car.

These are the factors to consider before choosing your ideal rental car:

The number of passengers on board

You will need to tally up the total number of passengers. Remember to include those who will be in the car, even for a limited period during the trip.

A family trip in the company of 2 kids will require you to rent a four-seater with plenty of trunk space.

However, your choice of car will be different if friends and family members accompany you. And in that case, you are going to need a bigger vehicle.

To choose the right vehicle, you will need to consider the size of the car.

Let’s take a look at the examples in the table below.

Each car is categorized by size, with each size carrying a certain number of passengers.

Full size/premium/luxury/SUV 5
Hybrid & Electric22

It is worth noting that the vehicle trunk or boot space may vary regardless of the category/model. Check the trunk beforehand.

The amount of luggage you intend to carry

Always double-check the cargo space of the vehicle you want to hire for your trip is enough for you, your company, and your gear.

When you are renting a car for a road trip, your reason for the trip may dictate the choice of the vehicle.

And again, a family road trip will require more capacity than a business trip by one individual.

Consider measuring the space in terms of the number of suitcases a vehicle can carry.

Let’s take a look at the example in the table below:

Compact 321
Full size532
Hybrid & Electric 321

Where you intend to travel.

The places you intend to visit will significantly influence the choice of car you will end up driving off.

Let’s assume you need a car to drive around the city. Your category choice should be the smallest size possible. But one, one that can accommodate you and your luggage.

A small car will definitely help you manoeuvre easily in the streets and highways with minimum hassle. It will also be convenient in heavy city traffic or on narrow roads. 

However, if you are going for a mountain climb, you will need a bigger car, possibly an SUV, to accommodate you and your gear. 

And additionally, if you intend to visit a place with unpaved roads, your choice of car should be a vehicle with a high road clearance, or in other words, a 4-WD.

Hence, it would be worth it if you could consider your destination before making your choice of a rental car.

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You’re ideal car features

These include satellite radio, a GPS for navigation, a child safety seat, a booster seat, a DVD player, and roof racks, to name a few. 

Most of the features will influence your choice of car.

Some features, such as air conditioning and automatic transmissions, come as a standard feature in the US but are offered optionally in other countries.

Your intended destination and the length of your road trip will dictate the features to look for in a rental car.

A long-distance trip will hence require a more comfortable vehicle with various feature options. 

A vacation road trip with the family will require different features from a business trip solo.

A solo business road trip will require a few features in a rental car, such as the ability to connect your gadgets onto the dashboard interface.

More features will be needed on a vacation road trip

The bottom line is that once you have defined your travel needs, you should be able to get the right rental car.

Or in other words, your travel will need to match the car features for the ultimate choice of the rental car.

The pick-up location of your rental car

Rental companies located at the airport will undoubtedly be convenient for you.

But the reality is, they also come at an extra cost compared to those in an off-site location.

And another cool thing about the off-site locations is, you don’t have to wait in queues to get your preferred rental vehicle. You will also get a variety of rental cars.

When you are an AAA member, you automatically qualify for rental discounts regardless of your pickup location.

It is certainly a membership program you should consider signing up for to save you time and money.

Manual or automatic transmission

The vehicle transmission also affects the choice of the rental car.

You will have to stick with an automatic transmission if you cannot drive a manual.

You will most likely come across manual transmission cars, mainly in South America, Africa, and Europe.

Renting an automatic in these regions will be a little bit more expensive.

The condition of the car

Before driving off a rental car, you need to thoroughly check the car’s condition for any visible damages such as scratches and dents.

You will need to look for any damages to the headlights, power steering, windows, and the location of the gas tank. 

With that in mind, the result of this inspection should help you decide whether to choose the car or to leave it.

You deserve a good ride, one that is going to be comfortable and safe during your trip.

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