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Best Types Of Car Wash For New Cars (Prevent Paint Damage)

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Last Updated on January 30, 2023 by Rose Morah

Want to know how to keep your new car clean and scratch-free?

Or if you should wash it at a car wash?

Well, we are going to be discussing the best car wash types for a new car and how not to damage your car’s paint.

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Best types of car wash for a new car

1. Touchless automatic

To avoid damaging your car’s paint, a brushless wash is highly recommended because it does a good job of getting most of the dirt off without damaging the paint, especially if the car is pretty dirty. 

2. Find a good hand wash place in your location

If you are going to be taking your car to a hand wash shop, then I highly recommend going to one that you are absolutely sure offers a good hand wash service.

Most people end up getting paint damage on their new car because most of these hand wash shops use dirty rags to wash the cars, or are not keen not to scratch the car.

I’d recommend that, if you are not sure of the quality of service offered, check out their reviews or first watch them wash other cars before you make any decision.

Additionally, you can also find detailers near you that come to your house to wash/wax the car. 

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3. DIY Hand wash with the two-bucket method

As long as you know how to do it right, washing the car yourself is one of the best ways to prevent your car’s paint from getting damaged.

The best way to do a DIY car hand wash is through the two-bucket method.

How to use the 2-bucket method to wash your car

  • You need two buckets. One should have clean soapy water and the second bucket should have clean water to rinse your wash mitt.

This will prevent paint scratches from the dirty wash mitt.

  • Get grit guard inserts. This will help prevent dirt from getting transferred back to the car while washing.

That’s because when used properly, it does a good job of separating the mitt from the grit.

  • Use two micro-fiber cloths/good mitt to clean the car. A good mitt will not scratch the paint.

One mitt should be for cleaning the dirty areas while the other one is for the clean areas. Remember not to mix them up. You can get different colors to avoid mixing them up when washing your car.

  • Clean in a side-to-side motion.
  • Have a wheel wash mitt. You can also use brushes as wheel cleaners.
  • Use a car wash soap that does not have harsh chemicals that may end up ruining your car’s paint with time.

Avoid drying the car with a towel
Instead, air dry it with a leaf blower or wash it when the sun is not very hot to avoid water spots, especially if you use hard water in your area.

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In conclusion

It is absolutely impossible to keep the new car 100% free from scratches or paint damage. That’s because it might eventually end up being scratched while it’s parked or due to other reasons.

And again, try not to go overly crazy about keeping the new car’s paint in perfect condition because you might end up being very disappointed.

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