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Does T-Mobile Work In Colombia? (Our Experience)

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Last Updated on December 7, 2022 by Rose Morah

If you are traveling to Colombia and wondering whether T-Mobile will work while there, the simple answer is yes.

All the times that we have traveled to Colombia T-Mobile worked just fine.


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How is the T-Mobile data speed in Colombia?

It depends on your T-Mobile plan.

For example, when we used the 2G free data, it was very slow as you would expect. But, it was good enough when using it for some basic stuff such as getting an uber, texting on WhatsApp/skype, and when looking for directions on Google maps.

On the other hand, playing videos was very slow and likewise, loading restaurants’ menus that had too many images took forever to load.

If you want faster internet than the 2G free data, I recommend getting the 4G T-Mobile International plan.

The 4G speed is good and can do anything when you are in Colombia. Additionally, I found it quite fast in the major cities of Colombia.

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Which T-Mobile plan should you get when traveling to Colombia?

Well, that depends on your personal preferences. But if you are not sure if your current T-Mobile plan will work while in Colombia, then I recommend setting up the Simple Mobile plan.

The last time I used the Simple Mobile plan when traveling to Colombia, it had free roaming and I got instant connectivity after I landed.

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