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Smart Ways To Conserve Gas When Running Low

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Last Updated on January 24, 2024 by Rose Morah

Worried about running out of gas while on a road trip? 

Well, this article is going to give you some quick tips for conserving gas when running low.

The tips are based on our experiences when going on long road trips and I can assure you that they’ll definitely help conserve gas before you get to the next gas station.

NOTE: These tips work when used within reason and in consideration of other drivers.
  1. Avoid routes that take you on steep hills

If you are trying to conserve gas, I’d recommend you look for alternative routes that don’t involve going up a steep hill.

However, if you cannot avoid the route then I recommend going up the hill at a reduced or maintained speed (driving slowly) to avoid consuming more gas.

Try to accelerate only when you have to.

Slow down when going up a steep hill.
Coast when going down a steep hill.
  1. Start to decelerate early when you see the light change to red from a distance. 

Avoid hitting the brakes when the traffic light changes to red. You can do this by decelerating early. This will not only help you conserve gas but will also preserve your brakes.

Of course, this is taking into consideration other drivers on the road.

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  1. How you accelerate matters

There are two ways you can save gas when accelerating. 

The first one is by being a little more gentle on the gas pedal, or by driving like a “grandma” as most people like to call it.

This means that you will not be speeding because the faster you go the more the vehicle will consume gas.

Therefore, if you are trying to reach the next gas stop, then the slower you go, the higher the probability of you getting there.

Additionally, driving faster means that you will accelerate unnecessarily, thus consuming more gas.

Try not to accelerate unnecessarily.

Second option:

If you can’t drive at low speed then I’d recommend you reduce the time you take accelerating. This means that you do not have to drive like a “grandma” to conserve gas.

For instance, you can push the pedal down as fast as possible, but not way down. I know this is debatable but I personally tested it and noticed an instant fuel economy gauge.

  1. Leave a good distance between you and the front car. 

I’d recommend you maintain your speed, as mentioned in the previous point, but keep a good following distance that you are comfortable with.

This seems easy but you might also experience road rage, depending on where you live and when you’re driving, like during heavy traffic. 

Therefore, I recommend doing it within reason and you put other drivers into consideration.

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  1. Use cruise control where necessary

I discovered that cruise control can help conserve gas in certain situations or road conditions. 


Well, since cruise control keeps the vehicle at a constant speed, that means the engine will consume less fuel and also reduce unnecessary acceleration and deceleration which leads to more gas consumption.

Cruise control will not help conserve gas in all given circumstances. Therefore, it is important to note that:

a). Cruise control will end up consuming more fuel when you use it when driving uphill and on downhill roads (hilly road conditions).
b). Cruise control is usually fuel efficient when driving on flat roads that don’t have heavy traffic.

I’d also recommend you find out when not to use cruise control.

  1. Make sure your tire pressure is not low

If you really want to consume less gas, be sure to check if your tires are properly inflated.

That’s because they will increase fuel consumption and your car’s drag if they are under-inflated.

Additionally, it will affect how fast the tires wear out. Therefore, ensure that they are properly inflated.

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  1. Get rid of any unnecessary heavy weight in your car

It is important to note that the more weight you have in the car the more fuel will get consumed. That’s because the vehicle will need more energy to move which will result in more gas consumption.

A good example is the roof rack carriers. They add weight to the vehicle thus increasing fuel consumption.


And those are our best tips for saving gas while driving and when the gas is running low.

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