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Tips For Buying A Used Lexus and the Pros And Cons

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Last Updated on July 20, 2022 by Rose Morah

Lexus cars are great vehicles. But are used Lexus reliable?

Yes, used Lexus cars are quite reliable. In fact, over the years, Lexus has proven to be amongst the most reliable cars in the automotive industry.

And this explains why most of the used Lexus models still manage to hold great value even after many years.

However, they are also not perfect.

So, before we dive into the tips to consider when buying a used Lexus vehicle, let’s first take a quick look at the pros and cons of owning a Lexus.

Pros and cons of buying a used Lexus

Pros of owning a used Lexus

  1. Most of the Lexus models are cheap to maintain.

The Lexus power train is 100% Toyota, which means you can buy some of their parts at Toyota for a cheaper price.

However, I recommend staying away from the Lexus LS 460 because after 100k miles they tend to go through repairs for parts, which can be quite costly. 

  1. Lexus is simple and not overly complicated for most mechanics to work on compared to German machines.
  1. Lexus has high-quality material, is well insulated, and has high-end finishing, which is why they are viewed as luxurious vehicles.

Cons of owning a used Lexus

  • These cars are reliable but the rust is what kills them.
  • Not all the used Lexus models are the best. 

You could end up making a big mistake of buying a used model that has issues if you do not do your research very well.

We have explained that in detail in our previous article about the best and worst Lexus models.

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Tips for buying a used Lexus

What type of buyer should buy a Lexus and who should avoid it

  • Lexus is more suitable for people who are looking for a quiet car that is well insulated to get rid of the road noise.
  • Buyers who value good material that feels and looks much better than most cars will love the car.
  • This is also a good car for people who do not care about how the car drives but simply care about how reliable the car is.

By this I mean a car that requires very minimal repairs and does not have massive depreciation like other cars.

  • This will not be a good car for people who care more about the driving dynamics, the thrill, and the excitement that the car gives them when they drive. 

They will find the Lexus too boring to drive because even the Lexus sports model is not as thrilling to drive as their close competitors.

When choosing the right vehicle that meets your needs, you will have to compromise on reliability, cost, or performance.

You will never get a car that is reliable, has high performance, and is less costly.

For example; 

Cars that have proven to be very reliable, like the Lexus, have a low cost but their performance is not that thrilling.

On the other hand, cars that have proven to have a better performance, like the German cars, come at a low cost but are not very reliable.

Additionally, a high-performance car like the Lexus LFA is reliable but it costs more.

Most Lexus owners who have gone past 200k+ miles have little to no complaints.

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What to look for when buying a used Lexus (Common issues)

  • The first place to always check is underneath the Lexus to see if you can spot rust on the frames.

If you do spot extreme rust then just walk away. This is because the rust is what kills these vehicles.

The Lexus LX and GX are the most known for rust.

  • I also recommend looking at the front windshields for any sign of rust/corrosion.
  • Check the dashboard if it is sticky or cracked. This is common in some Lexus models, especially from 2004 to 2012.

The sticky dashboard could end up costing you over $2k, mostly because of the labor cost. So, be sure to check and negotiate the price if it has that problem.

  • Be sure to also check whether the water pump is functioning correctly because, for some Lexus models, this can be their weak point.
  • If you are buying a used Lexus with 2GR-FE make sure the oil lines have been inspected and replaced.
  • And finally, Avoid Lexus models that have 4GR-FSE 2.5L with D4 System. 

This is because the direct-injection engine is known to have more problems even if some sellers will claim that the newer models with the direct engine were improved.

But they actually never changed that much and still have some problems.

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Should you buy or lease a Lexus?

Buying makes more sense because Lexus is quite reliable even after being driven for so many years and covering thousands of miles. 

So I would personally prefer buying to leasing considering how much value these cars hold over many years of ownership.

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