A Complete Overlanding Checklist

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Last Updated on September 20, 2022 by Rose Morah

If you are looking to maximumly enjoy an Overlanding experience, you need to have the right checklist for this type of journey.

In this article, we are going to discuss the complete Overlanding checklist.

But before that, the following are a few packing tips:

Overland Packing Tips

a). Don’t limit yourself so much about what to pack and what to leave.

To have a more enjoyable and relaxing adventure, try to carry everything that you think you will need.

It is better to have gear and lack the need to use it than need it but don’t have it.

b). If you will be driving on difficult terrains, you may need to consider how much you pack.

This is because it will affect the vehicle’s fuel economy, the weight of the vehicle due to the vehicle’s weight distribution and etc.


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The Ultimate Overlanding Checklist

I have divided the checklist into sub-categories to help you pack and not miss a thing.

Kitchen Camping Gears

  • Cutting board (11” x 8”)
  • Collapsible sink.
  • Plastic plates and GSI outdoor cups.
  • 2 frying.
  • Crockpot.
  • Coffee pot.
  • Big and small pots.
  • Potholders – to keep your hands from burning.
  • Scorch or a diffuser plate – helps prevent scorching when put under the pan while cooking.
  • Kitchen cleaners such as dish soap and quick-drying towels, dish scrubbers, garbage bags e.t.c, and stored in zip-lock bags.
  • A cooking stove and fuel/gas.
  • Fuel propane tank.
  • Stove regulator tube.
  • Lighter.
  • Utensils such as can opener, corkscrew, big and small knives, forks and spoons, serving spoons, tongs, whisk e.t.c.
  • Cooking oil (put in a zip-lock bag so it doesn’t leak all over your stuff).
  • Salt.
  • Water bottles.
  • Paper towels.
  • Foldable camping table.

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Recovery pieces of equipment for camping

  • Toolbox.
  • Hi-Lift jack.
  • Winch controller. Hardwire and wireless winch controller just in case one stops working.
  • Hi-Lift jack accessories such as base and slider base.
  • Tire deflators (useful when you are driving on terrain that will need you to reduce the tire air pressure).
  • Air nozzle.
  • Hammer.
  • Shovel.
  • Extra batteries for the air pumps.

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Sleeping Camping Gears

  • Tent, tent poles, and stakes.
  • Tarp.
  • Tarp poles, lines, and collapsible stakes.
  • Air mattress.
  • Sleeping bags.
  • Foldable pillows.
  • Blanket (for extra warmth if you are camping during a cold season).
  • Flashlight.

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Other Essential Overland Gears

  • Toilet paper (keep it in zip bags – prevents soggy toilet paper).
  • Solar light.
  • Mosquito coils and mosquito coil burner.
  • Bug spray.
  • Sunscreen.
  • Camping chair with a table. 
  • A heavy-duty tire trash bag that you can use to put some firewoods, toilet, toilet bags and hand sanitizer, shovel e.t.c
  • Rain gear (e.g raincoat, waterproof shoe e.t.c).
  • Water tank.
  • Solar panel.
  • Traction boards.
  • Gas jerry can. (It is essential when you are traveling in places that have fewer gas stations).
  • First Aid kit.
  • Fire extinguisher.
  • Air compressor air hose.
  • Paper maps.

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Best Camping Gear Ideas

Heat Diffuser

The heat diffusers help create a flat surface when cooking. They also reduce and distribute the heat evenly.

Additionally, they help prevent hot spots on cooking pots or pans and keep your food from scorching. 

  • Stainless Steel heat diffuser.

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  • Cast Iron heat diffuser.

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Collapsible Sink Ideas

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Collapsible Dish Rack Ideas

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Firewood Carrier bag/Log Carrier

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Camping Tables Ideas

  • Aluminum Camping Table

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  • Bamboo Portable Folding Table

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