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Roadtrippers vs Wanderlog Travel App (Which Is Better?)

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Last Updated on November 27, 2023 by Rose Morah

After using both the Roadtrippers and Wanderlog travel apps to plan different trips, I can say that the choice between the two will mainly depend on your expectations.

In this article, we are going to compare the two travel apps in terms of:

  • Price
  • Benefits

Roadtrippers vs Wanderlog: which is better?

From experience, Roadtrippers is the best app if you are planning a road trip adventure. On the other hand, Wanderlog is the best travel app for planning international travel.

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Price comparison between Roadtrippers and Wanderlog

Both Roadtrippers and Wanderlog are free but they also have a paid version.

Here is the price and benefits comparison of their paid versions:

Roadtrippers Plus is $29.99/yearPro Annual is $49.99/year with 1-week free trial.
– You can add up to 150 stops on your road trip
– Collaborations with friends.
– Live traffic.
– Offline maps.
– You get special discounts from their travel partners.
– You can make a route that is customized for RV.
– You get offline access.
– You get flight deals.
– Optimized routes.
– Export to Google Maps.
– Auto Gmail scanning.
– Unlimited attachments.

Note: Check Roadtrippers and Wanderlog’s official website for the latest price.

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Main benefits of the two travel apps (free version)

Benefits of the Roadtrippers app

The following are the main benefits of using the Roadtrippers free version;

  • It is great for discovering the best stops and “off-beaten paths” along your route.
  • It is great for navigation .“Turn by turn navigation”.
  • You can share and save your planned trips for future reference.
  • It tells you how much gas you will spend as it allows you to set mpg on the settings after you have planned your trip.
  • It also allows you to find places to camp, hotels bars and restaurants, entertainment and nightlife, attractions, shopping, and auto RV services along your route.
  • When planning your trip, you can sort the search results by ratings, distance, and popularity.

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Benefits of the Wanderlog app

The following are the main benefits of using the Wanderlog free version;

  • Wanderlog is a great vacation planner. It gives you the option to figure out the best route for your trip and is good for planning itineraries.
  • Wanderlog is different from Roadtrippers because it allows you to keep track of your flight and hotel bookings and reservations. You can also import hotel and flight reservations.
  • When going on a road trip, you can use it to check directions and the driving times between different attractions on your planned route.
  • You can share your itinerary with friends, tripmates, and families in real-time.
  • It can also help you find Airbnbs and hotels.
  • You also get to add your budget (your spending breakdown).
Image Credit: Wanderlog
Image Credit: Wanderlog

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