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Best EV Route Planner in 2022 (According To EV Owners)

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Searching for the best EV route planner to plan a trip can at some point be confusing.

Most of the time it is a trial and error process when trying to find the best one for that matter.

This is because there are many  EV road trip planner apps. In fact, they are countless.

Everyone wants to venture into the development of EV apps because this is the future

Unfortunately, only a few developers have managed to develop the best route planner apps. 

We recently took a deep dive into Ev route planners.

First, we researched to find out the most recommended EV route planner apps by EV owners who:

  • Own an EV and used the route planner apps for over a year.
  • Have planned long road trips with EV route planners.

We then used these top-recommended route planners by EV owners to plan road trips to different locations in North America (both in cities, rural areas, and on cross-country trips) just to find the best of them all.

Before diving into the findings, what really makes a good EV road trip planner?

What makes a good EV road trip planner

  1. It should be close to perfect.

This means it gives you a close to accurate charge to your next destination. This is great for new EV owners because it minimizes the range anxiety when going on long road trips. 

Additionally, it should provide users with accurate information about the types of chargers and how fast they really are. A lack of this information can easily ruin a great trip.

  1. It should allow you to filter the charging stops based on the connector, charging speed, and the number of available chargers.

It should be able to plan a route that has multiple chargers and not just gives you what it thinks are the routes with the most convenient chargers.

Some of these routes may turn out to be ‘chargeless’ or you may end up skipping several high-power chargers.

  1. The app should be fast, user-friendly, and with very few bugs.

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The pie chart below shows the most recommended EV route planners by EV owners:

  • A Better Route Planner (ABRP)
  • PlugShare
  • Chargeway
  • Others
Best EV trip planner apps according to EV owners

Summary of the best EV apps in public charging stations:

  • 45% of the EV owners recommended PlugShare, while 47% recommended ABRP.
  • Some EV owners enjoyed using PlugShare in conjunction with ABRP when planning long road trips.
  • Only 6% of EV owners recommended Chargeway.
  • 2% recommended other EV route planner apps.

NOTE: 70% of Tesla owners recommended the Tesla in-built trip planner. I have not included it on the above data as it is only applicable in Teslas.

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As mentioned earlier, we then took the top 3 most recommended EV trip planner apps, PlugShare, ABRP, and Chargeway on a 2-week cross-country road trip across different cities/towns. 

The data below shows our most recommended EV route planner based on our experience with different EVs.

Best EV Route Planners

Summary of the results:

Based on our experiences with the 3 apps, ABRP was our top pick followed closely by PlugShare, and the least recommended was ChargeWay.

So, let’s begin from the bottom, our ChargeWay experiences:

  • ChargeWay is not a better road trip companion on cross-country road trips. However, it is a great app if you are touring big cities.
  • It lacked some important features that can be found on ABRP and PlugShare apps.

ABRP and PlugShare were the best EV route planner apps, based on our experiences. These two apps have been in the game for quite a while now, and they are here to stay!

Additionally, you can use them together for a better road trip experience.

For instance, we used A Better Route Planner (ABRP) to plan our trips, and PlugShare to find better-charging options by browsing the charging stations, places to sleep while you charge overnight, restrooms, shopping, WIFI e.t.c along the route.

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ABRP VS PlugShare

The table below shows a comparison between ABRP and PlugShare

A Better Route Planner (ABRP)PlugShare
1.It was 90% accurate.1.It was 70% accurate.
2.The app was sometimes slow/sluggish (a few times) but very fast most of the time.2.The app was not as fast as ABRP.
3.In some locations, it provided incorrect information about how fast a charger was on our planned route.3.Rarely provided incorrect information about how fast the charger was on our planned route.
4.It does not give quick updates on newly available chargers at different locations.4.Give fast updates on newer available chargers, including “coming soon charging stations”.
5.Fewer charging options compared to PlugShare.5.It has more charging options as compared to ABRP.
6.It does not have charger reviews.6.You can check the charger reviews on PlugShare.
7.It has a ton of variables such as temperature, driving speed, battery degradation, weather, and traffic that users can tweak for a more accurate result.7. It does not have many variables.
8.No option to filter your route based on the charging networks.8.You can filter your charging networks.

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To get the most out of PlugShare, Sign up for free (register) for extra features.
The two apps are also great for EVs with a limited range.

In conclusion, apps are constantly being updated and new features are always coming out all the time. Therefore, be sure to always keep an eye on PlugShare and ABRP websites for future updates so you don’t miss out on any of them.

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