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How To Camp In A Tesla Like A Pro! (Tesla Camping Tips)

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My wife and I have camped for more than 15 nights in our Teslas this year. We are frequent road trippers and own Tesla Model 3 and S.  

I must say that we have had quite a pleasant experience while camping in our Teslas but must also admit that our first camping nights weren’t as great.

It has also taken the experience and great tips from other Tesla owners who have helped us enjoy and get comfortable while sleeping in our Tesla.

On our first road trip, we went from coast to coast camping the whole way. By the time we were back home, we felt like zombies. We simply did not know how to plan or maximize our camping experience before and during our tesla road trip. 

In this article, we share some of the best Tesla camping tips to help you plan your overnight stay in your Tesla.

Travel like the pros- Tripversed

But first, a quick look at the advantages of sleeping in a tesla in the below infographic.

tesla camping tips

Best Tesla camping tips

NB: The Tesla camping tips we have listed below will help you from time to time, even when you are not camping in your Tesla!!

  • Manually Lock your doors on your screen.

If you plan to sleep in your Tesla, ensure you manually lock it. The doors typically stay unlocked until you lock them manually.

To Prevent people from opening your doors while you are asleep, turn off Bluetooth on your phone to prevent strangers from opening your doors from outside even when they are locked.

To Prevent the car alarm from going off when you open your doors in the middle of the night while going to the bathroom, remember to turn off your sentry mode and car alarm on the Tesla center display.
  • Park your Tesla on a level ground. You can also carry some extra pillows to pad the small gap at the door panels when the seats are folded down.
  • Always arrive at your camping destination with enough charge – above 20%. This is because the AC/heat will go off when your charge is below 20%.

It is important to note that having a good Tesla route planner app would greatly help you arrive at your destination with enough charge. We have a detailed article about the best tesla trip planner apps here.

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  • Before your sleep, make sure you have enough fresh air coming in and out of the car.
  • If you are not camping at a reserved RV camping site, remember not to camp/park in a charging spot.
  • If you are worried about people hangout close to your Tesla, just flash your lights or horn. On most occasions…, they will just walk away.
  • Lastly, before you choose a camp area be sure to research or inquire about their security measures.

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What to consider before choosing/booking a Tesla camping site

Choosing a camping site is a major headache among many Tesla owners planning long tesla road trips.

From experience, we have always preferred camping at RV sites due to the following reasons;

  • You can charge as you sleep.
  • Some RV camping sites will give you discounts (just because yours is not an RV).
  • Hot shower baths.
  • Good bathroom facilities.
  • And lastly, I usually do not have to worry about the insecurity.
how to camp in a tesla
Advantages of RV Camping sites when camping on a Tesla

Tips for choosing the best tesla camping sites 

  1. Call in advance to inquire what charge service is available. Personally I prefer RV campsites that offer 50 amp service (most of them have).
  2. Check online reviews to get a better picture/info of the place. Some reviews will mention the bathroom facilities and security. This will be very helpful.
  3. Always call ahead to make a reservation. This will guarantee you an overnight charge for your Tesla.

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How to camp inside your tesla 

This is basically how we set up everything for a night’s sleep in our Tesla.

  1. First, I set up the temperature of the cabin by turning on the “Keep climate control on” before I move the seats. To make the process a lot easier and to avoid setting it up everytime, create a camping mode profile. You can check out how to set it up in our article on Long distance Tesla Road Trip Tips.

If you are not camping alone, you will have to manually set everything up for the passenger side.  

N/B: Don’t forget to set the floor vent for a better night’s sleep. Additionally, if you want to charge your phone overnight, this would be the best time to plug it before you fold the chairs.

  1. When moving your seats forward be sure to:
  • Clear the passenger footwell. This will prevent the seat from jamming when moving it forward.
  • Be careful when moving the seats too far forward because the top headrest may break the Tesla’s mirror in the visor.
  • When camping on a Tesla Model 3, ensure the backs are completely upright then push the seats as far back as possible. This helps prevent the pillows from oozing down into the rear passenger’s footwell.
  1. Lay your Tesla mattress or memory foam topper

Before embarking on your Tesla road trip, set up and lay on your mattress/memory foam, especially if you are not sleeping alone. This will help you figure out how comfortable you will both be and perhaps adjust accordingly.

  1. Put your slip ons below your head (in the backseat footwell).

This will be convenient, especially if you’ll need to go out for a bathroom run in the middle of the night. 

  1. Bonus Tips.
  • Carry paper towels – They come in handy when you want to wipe off the damp from the dew, dirt and grit from the charging cable when packed outside overnight.
  • Carry an eye mask or install window screens for better sleep in your Tesla. This is mostly because of the surrounding lights. But, if you dont mind the lights then perhaps there’s no need for these. 
  • You can use the back shelf to put glasses or water. We discovered that back self is the best place for easier reach.

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Tesla camping accessories

Tesla Camping Accessories
1.USB Humidifier
2.Inflatable Mattress
3.Car Curtains
4.Sunshade Side Windows Reflective Covers
5.Quarter Side Window Scoop Louvers
6.Glass Roof Sunshade Sunroof Cover
7. Center Screen Protector
8.Tesla Mat

USB Humidifier

When camping in my Tesla, I use a USB humidifier to dry out the air and improve the quality of air in the cabin. This helped us a lot when we were camping at Louisiana swamp.

I have used this USB humidifier for quite some time now, and I love it. It is portable, so I can take it anywhere with me, including in the office!

Inflatable Tesla Mattress

To get the most out of your Tesla road trip, an inflatable Tesla mattress that perfectly fits your Tesla model is a must-have. Take it from me!

Check out what I use here on Amazon. It perfectly fits both our Tesla Model 3 and Model S instead of other Tesla mattresses that we have used before. The bed is also great in other Tesla models.

Additionally, it is easy to keep the mattress inside the hidden compartment in the trunk as it fits perfectly in there. It is also easy to put it in the frunk.

Car Curtains

We need privacy when sleeping in the car, either during the day or at night. 

Car curtains do a great job of creating an impression that someone is in the car, even when no one is in the vehicle, thus prevent people from stealing or scratching your car.

These magnet curtains helped me a lot before I switched to tinted windows. Installing them takes less than one minute.

Sunshade Side Windows Reflective Covers

If using car curtains is not your thing, you can consider these reflective covers, which work perfectly in reducing heat transmission into the car and giving you privacy, so no one will see what you are doing from outside.

You can check it out here on Amazon.

Quarter Side Window Scoop Louvers

If you own a Tesla Model Y, this can be great for privacy. It helps minimize the temperature inside the car and makes your Tesla stand out in a good way.

Check it out here on Amazon.

Glass Roof Sunshade Sunroof Cover

I bought these covers for my Tesla Model 3 because sometimes it gets too hot during the day. You then have to park under the sun while charging, where the temperature could reach high degrees in the car, making it uncomfortable to rest or take a nap in the car.

This cover comes in handy in blocking the sun from coming in through your glass rooftop.

It also helps when you’re driving under the hot sun. 

You can check it out here on Amazon.

Center Screen Protector

After buying our Tesla Model S, we never used a screen protector for the Tesla touch screen. After using it for months, it got scratches and started to look old. 

We later wished we had used a screen protector, which we installed on our Tesla Model 3. It looks brand new!

You can also use this screen protector on your Tesla touch screen to protect the screen from UV and scratches.

Wireless Mouse

A wireless mouse makes it easy to control your touchscreen when sleeping from the back. 

This is because you may want to control the media and temperature without having to wake up.

Tesla Mat

Tesla mat plays a significant role in the success of your Tesla road trip. 

However, not all Tesla mats are worth the purchase.

Personally, I use this three-layered Tesla mat because of the following reasons;

  • It is dirtproof.
  • Pretect the car from mud and snow. This is great when I’m going on long road trips with multiple stops.
  • It is also very durable – I have used it for over 5 months now and it still looks brand new, has not cracked or deform like some other Tesla mats that I have used before. 

Hey, I'm Matthias. I am passionate about adventure travel, EVs, and tech in general. I am open-minded and pretty curious. But you know what they say, blessed are the curious for they shall have adventures!