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25 Fun Things To Do on A Road Trip With Friends

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Last Updated on January 30, 2023 by Rose Morah

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Is it just me, or do you also hate those prolonged weird, and awkward silences on long road trips with friends?

Ever noticed how uncomfortable it can get?

But of course, there are times you need your quiet moments to rest, which is okay because having constant conversations during the trip can be tiring.

However, those long awkward silence moments can be boring.

It is time to shift to something fun and interesting on your next friend’s road trip!

This article covers fun things to do on a friend’s road trip.

1. Make regular fun stops

To enjoy and have a memorable trip, there is a need for flexibility and spontaneity. There is no need to rush to reach your destination if you are looking to have fun on a road trip.

Whether you are stopping to take a toilet break, for a gas refill, or to grab some snacks, making regular stops allows you to catch some fresh air and stretch instead of being cramped up together in the car all the time.

Some of the fun things you can do during stop-overs include taking photos and sightseeing.

A road trip planner app can also help you find rest stops with exciting things to do on your friends’ road trips.

It helps you find incredible places to visit, from the national parks, and roadside attractions, to culture and weird museums.

2. Don’t just listen to music, freestyle

To turn a friend’s road trip into a fun adventure that is full of laughter, I would recommend you try this;

  1. Play some beats with no music. The best place to find great beats is on Spotify.
  2. Once you get a good beat, you can either decide to either pick your best song to freestyle or randomly freestyle anything that comes to mind.

This usually gives you the freedom to be stupid without your friends judging you and it is also a chance to have fun and be silly.

You will be surprised how this can turn a boring road trip with friends into a fun tour.

Some of the rules that we gave ourselves on our last friends’ road trips when freestyling included:

  • You had to be loud enough. There were penalties for those not loud enough.
  • You were allowed to be goofy.
  • Everyone was allowed to laugh out loud/hard.
  • No hard feelings.
Freestyling Ideas

You can use the following as your freestyling ideas:

> License Plates.
> Stores.
> Types of cars.
> Road signs e.t.c

3. Strategically document your friends’ road trip 

things to do a friends road trip

Documenting a trip can help capture unexpected memorable moments that happen along the way.

During our road trips with friends, I love recording everything on the camera or phone.

Being an introvert, when I find myself traveling with extrovert friends it can sometimes be very overwhelming because I feel the pressure to keep up.

However, when I’m behind the camera, I get to enjoy and have fun recording the road trip. I also don’t have the pressure to interact and keep up with them as they do their things.

This way no one feels left out or no one thinks that you are boring.

There is genuinely no better memory than one shared with your close friends when done right.

Road trip memories are made of – the crazy challenges you attempt along the way, the sick and not-so-funny jokes, the highway attractions, the unexpected detours, the road mishaps-  and the list is endless. 

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Other creative ways of documenting your road trip

1. Start a blog to actively share your travel adventures with family and friends.
2. Start a vlog.
3. Post your videos and photos on Instagram and Snapchat.
4. Share your road trip stories on storytelling apps.

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4. Laugh at mistakes you make along the way

things to do on a road trip with friends

Mistakes on the road are inevitable. You will likely make a ton of mistakes along the way, no matter how well you planned the trip.

Some of the mistakes you made on the road trip may look silly and hilarious when you look back and talk about them.

I mean, picture this, for instance:

You are pretty psyched up for an event. The radio keeps reporting long queues at the event. You start getting worried that if you don’t make it on time, you might end up being locked out, or miss the event altogether.

To get there on time, you leave for the event much earlier than you had planned, only to get there and find just a few people.

And to make matters worse, the event is not even close to getting started.

That’s when you realize that you fell for the hype on the radio.

So, you decide to hang around for an extra couple of hours and wait for the event to begin officially.

What a waste of time!

Deep down, you wish you spent those hours sleeping or doing something constructive.

Some of the mistakes that you make on the road are quite frustrating at first.

However, when we finally get over the sting of what happened, these mistakes end up making hilarious stories.

You will be laughing when you sit and talk about them. 

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5. Play fun question games

On most of my road trips with friends, we normally turn the awkward silent moments into fun moments by playing fun question games that involve asking awkward/silly questions.

In this game, you ask the questions and the rest find a way to answer them in the best way possible.

Some examples of the questions could be;

  • Can I eat it? 
  • Do you want one?
  • Have I met them?
  • Will it be mad if we gave it a bath? and e.t.c.

6. Play the license plate game

When it comes to random games to play on a road trip with friends, this is one of the best.

You can challenge each other to make phrases from the front car’s license plate acronym.

For example, one person could interpret BASP as Bring A Sweet Pizza. The next person should be guided by the next license plate when responding to this statement.

NOTE: To make it even more interesting, there should be a timer for the person playing.

Try this and you will be surprised how fun your road trip will turn out.

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7. Play The Top 5

The top 5 games are best for people who have been friends for a longer period of time. 

The game is played by asking each other five top things that you like. These can be your top 5;

  • Movies.
  • Food.
  • Restaurants.
  • Clothes.
  • Places.

What makes this fun is the fact that the questions always end up building interesting conversions, making it very impossible to finish one round at a time.

Additionally, you get to know each other even better. Some of the things that you end up knowing will surprise you.

8. Rekindle previously watched movies

If you and your friends love watching movies, then this can be a great opportunity to rekindle previously watched movies on a boring road trip with friends.


  • Describe a small plot of a movie.
  • Then have them guess the name of the movie and name one of the actors from the movie.
  • The one who gets it right will then have to describe another movie.

This is a fun way to enjoy interesting conversations with friends from those movie scenes and actors that intrigued you.

My favorite part about this is that it reminds you of some old movies that you loved to watch a few years back. 

9. Take turns to drive

Driving in turns can make a boring road trip fun for everyone, of course, provided that each of you can legally drive.

This is because most people love being in control.

The good thing is, taking turns to drive relieves the pressure off the primary driver from long hours of driving.

This means that the main driver is able to rest or take a nap while the other person takes on the wheel.

And by so doing, this prevents the risks of sleeping behind the wheel and slow reaction time when faced with an emergency situation on the road.

From my experience,

Happy drive = Happy passengers.


Driving for long hours, whether solo or in the company of your friends, can be dangerous.

This is due to the risks of sleeping behind the wheel or running out of gas in an unfamiliar location.

So, how many hours a day should you drive on a road trip?

Generally, you can drive for up to about 9 hours a day and take at least 15 minutes breaks, after every two hours. 

But more importantly, don’t drive when you are fatigued.

How often should you let your car rest on a road trip?

Cars don’t necessarily need a rest. However, you must constantly monitor your engine’s temperature, especially when driving for long hours in hot weather.

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10. Take time to interact and bond

You might have known your friends for a long time, but there are many things you’re yet to discover about them.

The amount of time you spend together is an excellent opportunity for heart-to-heart conversations.

You get to know their opinion on specific topics and politics. You talk about your careers, ambitions, and goals.

And perhaps even get to know their childhood story.

11. Reminisce over past good memories

road trip with friends

Reminiscing is a fantastic way to pass time with friends on a road trip.

It is oddly fulfilling, especially in the company of friends from your childhood where you get to talk about the good old days.

There is possibly no greater way of drawing us together, than the laughter and stories that begin like, “Do you remember when….”

Whether you are having a conversation about your old childhood memories, intoxicating college and celebrity crushes, or past adventures that you’ve shared, this will no doubt be a great way to pass the time on a road trip with friends.

Be sure to give everyone a voice to narrate, then sit back and get ready for warm and fuzzy feelings of nostalgia as you share the fond memories, and perhaps even get to play your old songs again.

12. Interact and have a good time with the locals

fun things to do on a friends road trip

Spending time with the locals should be on everyone’s to-do list whether you are traveling locally or abroad.


  • Because it gives you a rare glimpse into the local way of life.
  • It allows you to get some cool recommendations of places to visit off the beaten path.
  • Spending time with the locals allows you to participate in their local activities or festivals when you have the time.
  • It allows you to have a taste of their local cuisines.
  • You get to engage in great conversations about the history of a place and make new friends.
  • It is fun when done in the company of some good friends.

13. Collect souvenirs from every place you visit

Souvenirs leave us with the memory of the places you pass through during the road trip.

Whether you’re collecting spoons, shells, travel posters, art, figurines, or rocks, it pays off to collect with friends due to the memories you will be able to keep for years to come.

They also act as evidence of our visit to a place when narrating to others. You will be reminiscing about the trip that you took with friends.

14. Use different means

Taking a road trip by car is fun. But traveling on motorcycles, bicycles, or scooters is more fun

This allows you to experience and see the world differently. It is an excellent way of turning a dull trip into an exciting and fun-filled tour.

If you decide to use scooters, avoid freeways and major highways due to their lower speed. Instead, use the back roads, which are more fun, or stick to short trips.

But if your main goal is to reach your desired destination on time, then perhaps a scooter might not the best alternative.

Want to try riding a motorcycle on your next road trip?

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Are you looking for a stylish e-bike at a budget-friendly price?

Check out these varieties of models designed for every rider.

15. Take Road Trip Detours

Road trip detours are a perfect way of creating some exciting road trip memories.

Those predestination diversions along the way always lead to discoveries. And that’s what makes a road trip with friends spectacular.

The secret lies in being flexible and never missing a road trip detour.

That being said, check out some excellent road trip detours here

16. Do a temporary change of names

friends road trip

Doing a temporary name change on a friend’s road trip can be fun.

Depending on the activities that you intend to carry, where you will be staying, or camping along the way, you could spice up the trip a little bit by temporarily ditching your real names.

You can then acquire other names related to your activities, destinations, or even personalities.

And this being a friend’s road trip, I bet you already know each other’s different personalities. It also works better if you are traveling as a group.

Think about it this way – if you are camping or taking a hike, you could acquire nature-related names based on your different personalities – e.g., The Hawk-Eye, The Quick Hatchet and etc.

Let’s look at a few other examples depending on the activity:

The self-proclaimed intellects, or friends who always seem to have a say on almost any topic, their best temporary names could be Shine Stein, Dexter Fakester, or Sheldon Cooper (from Big Bang Theory).

Folks who always seem to bring bad luck, those who are in the wrong places at the wrong time, hence causing losses during the trip (We love them, though 🙂 ) Their temporary names could be Jonah or Lord of Jinx.

To sum up, you will need to be creative and ensure that everyone in the group is okay with the idea. But remember: this is purely intended only for entertainment during the trip.

17. Attempt different challenges along the way

road trip with friends

Wouldn’t it be great if you used challenges to brighten a dull trip?

I bet that will be amazing.

You could come up with challenges that each one of you must participate in. One that no one will be allowed back not until they have completed them.

Consider this a fun way to introduce yourself to unfamiliar situations that will likely make you feel uncomfortable.

And the end goal? –  to face your fears and to help you discover yourself. 

You need to come up with a list of challenges you can perform during stops.

So, you should try to make the list before you leave.

Let’s look at a few examples:

If you are camping in the woods or a mountain area, you could challenge yourself to sleep in separate locations, each of you in a hammock.

Would you dare sleep alone in the woods in a hammock?

You could give this challenge a name, perhaps associated with the wild, such as Dare the Wild challenge. Doing this challenge is meant to test your survival instincts in the wild. 

Let’s assume you’ve come across an abandoned house/ structure, or a ghost village along the road, what would be the best challenge in this case?

However scary, ghostly, or sad the place might look, you could challenge yourselves to pop in and have a look inside. (Perhaps you might discover something.)

To sum up, think of a place or something you fear that you have never gone to or done. Going to the place or doing it would generally make you uncomfortable. Then challenge yourself to go and do it! 

18. Create and listen to a playlist

A road trip would be incomplete without a playlist.

Come to think of it.

Would that even be possible?

I bet that would be unimaginable.

But to begin with, you first need to let everyone be involved in the process of compiling and suggesting the playlist songs.

Depending on your tastes, ensure you develop the top favorite tunes that everyone will love.

Whether classic rock & roll, a mixture of evergreen classics, rap, soul, or pop, it’s all up to you and your crew. 

And remember, the best way to enjoy a playlist is to turn up the volume and sing along. 

In case you are looking for playlist inspirations, Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud would be excellent places to start.

19. Listen to fun and interesting podcasts

Listening to podcasts comes as no surprise, considering how inspiring they can be on a road trip.

Listening to podcasts with friends on a road trip is definitely a fun way to spend time together.

It ignites conversations about the topic in discussion.

And depending on the topic, it offers a great opportunity to discuss some of the major takeaway key things you’ve captured from the podcast.

In the end, the entire crew stays motivated and in high spirits throughout the journey. 

Be sure to also check out this list of great podcasts on your next road trip.

Here are a few examples of free podcast apps:

  1. Google Podcasts.
  2. Podcast Addict
  3. Anchor.

20. Record a road trip podcast

Instead of listening to other podcasts, you can record your road trip podcast with your friends.

This can be interesting because not much is required of you. 

All you need is a phone and a topic that everyone will feel comfortable contributing to.

And if are you worried about editing your podcast, you need not.

There are many apps today that allow users to record, edit instantly, and publish immediately.

Here are a few of the best free podcast-making apps for mobile:

  1. Podbean Podcast.
  2. Speaker Studio.
  3. Anchor.

21. Get a great audiobook for the road 

Much like podcasts, audiobooks can be a great choice if you are looking for things to do on a road trip with friends.

Audiobooks are better when shared with friends with whom you have shared interests and like to consume similar content.

This could be in terms of what they like to read or listen to.

They, too, will similarly spark up conversations based on their topics, at least once in a while during the road trip.

And depending on how enjoyable the audiobook is, the entertainment from the audiobooks would be enough to keep the crew entertained throughout the journey with minimal distractions.

And besides, you can’t compare an audiobook to reading an actual book.

Quite frankly, reading a book can be tedious and could make you miss the scenic views. 

22. Watch funny videos on YouTube

Watching funny videos on YouTube makes the road trip fun and unique, and helps you avoid those awkward silent moments in a car.

This also certainly creates a special bond between friends.

23. Set up a camp along the way 

road trip with friends

Setting up a camp on the beach, in the woods, or on the roadsides with friends for a night and getting around the campfire is fun and exciting.

It is a great way of getting to know each other better, telling stories, playing catch up, and discussing other future road trip plans.

But here is the thing:

If you are making camping plans, consider reserving the campsites before departure. This saves you the trouble of finding a place for the night during the trip.

There are great camping apps that help you check available campsites, both wild and established, along your route.

One such App is ioverlander. The app gives you the current prices and the available facilities in those campsites.

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24. You do not need to stick together

Going on a friend’s road trip doesn’t mean that you have to spend the entire time together.

You don’t have to do similar activities either.

You can spend your day how you like and then meet up after a specific time, during the road trip.

This way you will not feel like you are dragging them along and vice versa! It is also the best way to avoid conflicts with friends and make your road trip fun.

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25. Help the needy

Once in a while, you’ve probably come across some needy people or animals and have felt the urge to assist or help make a difference.

Now imagine what it would be like to help the needy while on a road trip with friends. You can plan a visit or even make an unplanned detour along the road.

Sounds like an amazing thing to do on a road trip.

That sure does sound good to me.

The most exciting part is where you get to meet and interact with new people.

Those you touch with your gifts or donations form an important part of your journey.

And again, not only will the trip be fun, but it will also be quite fulfilling in the sense that it made a difference in the lives of others.

Hello there! My name is Rose. I’m passionate about electric cars and clean energy. My adventurous spirit and journalistic pursuits make each day fascinating and far greater. I consider traveling not just about the grandeur moments, but the little elements that transform the whole experience.